Our Story

Platform which has been created to bring suppliers and buyers closer together without any borders and limitations.


What is WFoodExpo?

WFoodExpo is the first, largest, and world-class virtual B2B food, beverage, and agriculture exhibition. The exhibition pursuing leadership and exclusivity by establishing a direct link, solution provider, and unique trading community for importers and exporters.
WFoodExpo aims to provide exporters and importers with the right tools, instruments, and channels to get their business done in an efficient and timely manner.

Why WFoodExpo?

Having more than 30 years of experience in global Food and beverage B2B trading, importing, and exporting. We realized companies need in terms of negotiation, finding the right supplier/buyer, having a timely schedule, and knowing market real-time prices. Therefore, WfoodExpo.com strives for innovation and connectivity to fulfill those needs.

Our vision

To become the leading global exhibition for food, beverage, and agricultural (products, machinery), and to facilitate daily transactions and communication.
We do not only seek internationality, we aspire a promising future and prosperity in the food, beverage, and agriculture trading business. We envision that our community members will improve, lead, and grow their B2B trading business.
For a platform that was created and founded in 2019, we aim to become the light that leads exporters and importers to great achievements business wise, and to enable commercial interactions among hundreds of millions of merchants, between exporters and importers, and among businesses every day.

Our mission

We started our journey in the virtual trading and dedicated ourselves to be in the side of all B2B F&B trading companies to walk with them step by step and enter the digital era together.