Best Alcoholic Beverage Wholesalers

Best Alcoholic Beverage Wholesalers

A report on the major producers and distributors of alcoholic beverages in the world to help importers to identify the best sources of supply.

Sunday, October 24, 2021
  • The total global exports of alcoholic beverages amounted to about 9 billion US dollars in 2019, an increase of 17.1% over previous years, and wines had the largest export share among the categories of alcoholic beverages, as its sales increased in 2019 by about 1.2% over 2018, and the alcoholic beverages market includes All drinks that are produced by distillation or fermentation and from the main categories:

  • Beer

  • Spirits

  • wine and others.

Beer is also a widely consumed alcoholic beverage around the world, and the United States of America is the second-largest beer-producing country in 2020 after China.

What about the alcoholic beverage market in Europe?

Considered one of the largest markets in the world, the market value of Western Europe was estimated at about 359 billion euros in 2020, and the United Kingdom ranked first as the largest market in Europe for alcoholic beverages with revenues of about 69 billion US dollars, followed by Germany, France, and Italy.

  1. Goalong liquor

It is one of the major distributors of wholesale liquor in China, and exports to many foreign countries such as Russia, America, Germany, Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Mexico, and many other countries, and its main products include:

  • whiskey

  • brandy

  • vodka

Among its main features:

  • Focusing on providing high-quality, great-tasting products.

  • She holds many international certificates such as HACCP.ISO. FDA.

  • It owns many well-known brands in its main products.

  1. Breakthrough beverage group

It is one of the leading wholesale alcoholic beverages companies in North America, operating in 26 facilities across North America, and achieving annual sales of more than $5 billion. Its most important features are:

  • Covering about 19 markets in North America.

  • It has a diversified portfolio that includes more than 6000 brands of wine, spirits, and beer

  • This portfolio includes the best-quality wines and liquors, and also allows you to order alcohol online.

  • The breakthrough beverage group offers renowned brands in alcoholic beverages to distributors, retailers, bars, and restaurants.

  1. LWC

It is considered one of the leading British distributors of beer, wine, spirits, and soft drinks, founded in 1979 and serving more than 13,500 customers across the United Kingdom, and its portfolio includes about 2,500 types of fine wines, and approximately 5,000 types of spirits of vodka and whiskey, and its most important features:

  • It has high flexibility in terms of securing all the orders needed by customers of various types including beer, whiskey, wine and spirits.

  • It has an in-house distribution network within the UK and delivers orders 7 days a week with over 170 drivers.

  • It has more than 9,000 production lines and a strong delivery network covering all parts of Britain.

  1. Diageo

Based in the United Kingdom, it is one of the world's leading companies in alcoholic beverages of distinctive and famous brands, spirits, and beer, and its sales in 2019 amounted to about 16.8 billion dollars, and its most important features are:

  • It produces a distinguished group of 200 brands of different sizes, large or small, local or international.

  • Its products are spread in more than 180 countries around the world from Europe, Africa, the Pacific Ocean and more.

  • Its most famous brands are Smirnof, CrownRoyal, Beer Guinness

  1. Heineken holding

It is one of the leading companies in the field of alcoholic beverages in the Netherlands, and one of the largest brewers in Europe and sells to more than 190 countries around the world, with total sales in 2019 of about 26.8 billion dollars, and its most important features are:

  • It offers around 300 brands of beer, cider, and more.

  • Covering large markets from the Americas to Asia and the Pacific and from the Middle East to Europe.

  • It places great emphasis on improving the way beer is brewed with a commitment to quality ingredients.

  • It has around 84,000 employees worldwide and is available in almost every country.

  • It distributes its beverages worldwide through its subsidiaries, wholesalers, and retailers.

What will be the impact of the spread of COVID-19 on the alcoholic beverage industry during 2021

Contributed significantly to the shift to electronic commerce, especially since this transformation will not disappear tomorrow when most consumers become aware and aware of the ease of access and convenience in purchasing alcohol via the Internet. With brands, more than ever, these brands need to use digital solutions to stay competitive.

In addition, this matter is not limited to retailers only, but many alcoholic beverage wholesalers, distributors, and brands have transformed sales and distribution methods and started to adopt online sales, as a result of changing buying behaviors of customers.

  • In conclusion, most expectations point to the essential role that technology and electronic commerce will play in facilitating the linking of wholesalers and distributors of alcoholic beverages and brands to each other, which will result in an improvement in sales volumes and an increase in profits throughout 2021.

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