Best wholesale bakery items suppliers

Best wholesale bakery items suppliers

A report on the best manufacturers and suppliers of global bakery ingredients in order to help importers to identify the best sources of supply

Monday, July 12, 2021

Europe is considered the largest market for bakery items in the world, and the term "bakery items" refers to food products, which are used to improve the manufacture, smell, and taste of bread and pastries, such as:

  •  Regular, organic and yeast flour
  •  Butter, eggs, nuts, and preservatives.
  •  Emulsifiers and leavening factors.


In addition to many other products, the global bakery items market in 2019 reached about $14.3 billion. In this article, we will review a group of the most important bakery products manufacturers:


  •  AKK Co.

It has a wide history in the development and production of many varieties, which are considered important and valuable components, in many products such as baked goods and pastries, the most important of which are:

  •      A range of butter blends aside of excellent quality butter alternatives throughout the year
  •  Development of healthy vegetable oils and fats, which give a fluffy appearance to pastries.
  • Fillings stuffed with pieces of fruit and nuts, with fewer calories, while at the same time give baked goods longer shelf life.


Its main advantages:

  •   It owns 3,900 employees who support intimate cooperation and communication with customers, through 25 regional sales offices, 15 innovation centers, and more than 20 production facilities.
  •   It owns a sophisticated team of bakery experts to develop ghee, butter, and other mixes to achieve the perfect quality in the items it supplies to its customers.

  •  Sudzucker Co.

It is considered one of the leading suppliers of plant-based sweetening solutions and specialized types of sugar, as it offers a wide range of beet sugar products, high-quality sugar ingredients and sugars, which are relied upon as main ingredients in the production of biscuits and baked goods with high taste and quality, and owns a wide network of production factories and storage centers throughout Europe and this gives it the ability to ship from the facility closest to the customer.


It also provides a range of innovative and organic health solutions that are key inputs to bakery products, such as:

  • White sugar, brown sugars, fondant (powder, ready-to-use, classic)
  •  Invert sugar paste, caramel, organic beet sugar.
  •  Glucose syrup, which extends the shelf life of fruits, in soft candy and baked foods.


Its main advantages:

  •  It provides many important organic inputs for bread production and you buy cheap baking supplies online.
  • It is characterized by a great degree of flexibility in shipping, due to its possession of a large fleet of vehicles, which includes more than 100 specialized tanks trucks.
  • It works hard to ensure that orders are handled, in a dynamic and reliable manner with fast and flawless transportation of products, by a team of highly skilled logistic experts.

  •  Acher Daniels Midland Co.


It has more than a century of experience in flour. It is one of the leading companies in the field of providing grain sources and grinding, as it offers a wide range of flour, bread mixes and ground ingredients, according to the highest standards in quality that are used perfectly, in the production of a variety of baked goods or bread mixes such as:


  1.  Dry ground corn.
  2. Corn flour and corn powders
  3.  Wheat bran and barley flour
  4. Mixtures and fillings
  5. Nutritional supplements


Its main advantages:

  •  It provides organic flour that assists workers in the bakery sector to provide delicious-tasting baked goods, and works to convert natural products into an integrated set of ingredients.
  •   It offers pure vanilla extracts, manufactured vanilla beans with its paste, natural, and synthetic vanilla flavors.
  • Rail and truck freight available from all production sites.

  •  Puratos Group

It is an international group that provides innovative products and raw materials in the bakery, pastry, and chocolate sector, and it is headquartered in Belgium, and its products are spread in more than 100 countries around the world.


As it provides innovative solutions and ingredients for bread, sweets, and chocolate all over the world such as:

  1. Margarine and specialty fats
  2. Emulsifiers that improve product quality
  3. Fillings, bread improvers, and bakery mixes


Its main advantages:

  •   Owning centers that test the quality of the ingredients being produced and to test the efficiency of the pastry.
  •  Its focus on research, development, and quality greatly, to provide the best needs of the bakery and pastry sector.
  •  It supplies a wide range of clients including artisans, retail stores, food service activities, and bakeries.

  •   CSM Bakery Solutions Co.

Headquartered in Georgia. The company offers a wide range of premium quality bakery ingredients, services, and end products, to the retail, artisanal, industrial bakery, and foodservice markets such as:


  1. Custard creams, coconut, and croquet fillings.
  2.  Baking ingredients from mixtures, improvers, and baked fats
  3.  Mixes for pastries, muffins, cakes, and brownies.


Its main advantages:

  •   Serving bakery distributors and wholesale bakeries with an international presence that includes an extensive network of manufacturing facilities, innovation centers, and product development, plus a strategic partnership to ensure the availability of ingredients.
  •  It owns 6000 employees in more than 100 countries, 27 manufacturing facilities, 23 product development centers, and 4 innovation testing centers for baking ingredients.

 The global bakery items market is expected to witness an annual growth rate of 4.60% from 2021 to 2026


The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 caused an increase in the sales of bakery items, due to the trend towards adopting food preparation at home, choosing ready-made foods rich in beneficial organic materials, and also contributing to the change in the endurance habits among consumers and their increased food awareness, of the need to obtain high-quality food products. This prompted them to search for the healthiest items that go into making bakery foods.

Therefore, these points are considered one of the most important factors for the growth of the global bakery market, and the increasing competition between the supplying companies, for these components to meet the increasing demand in line with the desires of their customers, and their expectations in terms of quality, innovation, development, and taste.


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