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  • Showcase unlimited products read more
  • Advanced Search read more
  • Receive unlimited Requests for Quotation (RFQ) read more
  • Unpaid Stuck Containers solutions read more
  • Up to date Tech-solutions (Artificial Intelligence-AI)
  • Smart Contracts
  • Brand new crypto currency (as well as the other crypto currencies)
  • No mediation (from our side)
  • Direct Connections
  • No commissions (from any deal)
  • Socialize with other traders by posting, commenting, and sharing with F&B community offers you the chance to use and benefit from our special services; we will not interfere in your own deals as it will be done directly with buyers without our mediation even without any commission for any deal. Grow and expand in privacy granted environment.

Share Certificate

By purchasing our annual package you will be investing with us. This investment will be granted by a "Share Certificate" confirming your profit shares.

Share Certificate

Profit Shares

Your investment amount is the annual package price. And you will get your dividends as "Profit Shares" of our annual profits.

Profit Shares

Showcase unlimited products

As an exhibitor you will manage your own exhibit. In your own exhibit you will be able to add unlimited products to your exhibition and demonstrate the in front hundreds of thousands of potential buyers (visitors).You’ll be able to grow your company’s name worldwide.

Showcase unlimited products

Receive unlimited Requests for Quotation (RFQ)

The RFQ is a buying request that a merchant or a company can send to you(as exhibitor) to get quotations on a certain product or multiple products of (food, beverage, agriculture products and machinery).

Receive unlimited Requests for Quotation

Unpaid Stuck Containers solutions has invented this service for exhibitors to help them dispose of their unpaid containers that are stuck in the ports by selling the goods whether they were food, beverage, or agriculture products, or even if they were agricultural machinery.

Unpaid Stuck Containers solutions

What's more?

Prepare yourself for marvelous updates on and stay tuned to know more about our brand new Crypto Currency where you’ll be investing good money in the future of the food and beverage industry in addition to using AI (Artificial Intelligence) as a basis