Teleki Gastro

  • Country Origin: Not specified
IMAGE1- Villányi Merlot / Quality dry red wine (Teleki Gastro) This quality red wine of deep red colour, full-bodied, velvety flavour and characteristic fragrance embodies beautifully the favourable features of the Merlot grape and maturing in wooden casks. A recommended companion to dishes prepared with mushroom, beef steaks, stews and game. Recommended serving temperature is at 16-18 °C. IMAGE 2- Villányi Pinot Noir / Quality dry red wine (Teleki Gastro) A real southern wine. Made from a grape with restricted yield, picked in one of the most valuable lanes of Villány Wine Region – on the southern slopes of the vineyard, completely protected from cold winds. Its velvety nature and high alcoholic content is prominent. With its soft, deep ruby colour, it is perfect for setting the mood of a BBQ. A good companion to grilled dishes, but very pleasant on its own, as well. Recommended serving temperature at 16-18°C. IMAGE 3- Villányi Cuvée / Quality dry red wine (Teleki Gastro) A Mediterranean zest for life and pleasant harmony: this velvety red wine with deep ruby colour arouses this mood. It displays the best natural endowments of Villány wine-region with its rich fruity flavours and gives a faithful reflection of the winemaker’s cheerfulness and love for profession. Recommended serving temperature is at 18-20 °C; serve with cheese, roasts and stews. IMAGE 4- Villányi Cabernet Sauvignon / Quality dry red wine (Teleki Gastro) Characteristically spicy, flavorous wine of deep ruby colour, the complex fragrances of which clearly resemble pepper, plum and common blackberry. It is a recommended companion to game, grilled meat and for informal socializing after meals. Recommended serving temperature is at 16-18 °C. IMAGE 5- Villányi Cabernet Franc / Quality dry red wine Cabernet Franc is the wine for the bon vivants, since its acidy taste, rich flavour and harmony gives the feeling of integrity for the taster. The characteristics of the type make it a very sharp, definite, orderly wine. A perfect companion to spicy roasts, game and fish, at a recommended serving temperature of 16-18 °C, but also a worthy company for informal socializing.