Vinegar spices

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IMAGE 1- Candied lemon with spices for tagine 210g Commercial Name: CITRONS CONFIT FOR TAJINE Legal Name: Candied lemons with aromatic herbs and berries. Compositions: Lemons, water, herbs of Provence 1% (Rosemary, thyme, basil, savory.), Mix 5 berries 2% (White pepper Muntok, black pepper vietnam, dehydrated green pepper, pepper of Mexico, pink berries.), Salt . Energy value: Energy: (59,95kcal / 250,6kJ) Fats: (0,86g including saturated fatty acids 0g) Carbohydrates: (8,6g of which sugars 0g) Proteins: 1,73g Salt: 0,04g. Origin: France Weight: 200g / IMAGE 2- Pink berries with vinegar 75g Commercial Name: ROSE BERRIES with Vinegar Compositions: pink berries (Brazil), brine 7 ° (50% water, 50% alcohol vinegar 14 °) Energy value: Nutritional values ​​per 100g: Energy: (180cal / 755kJ) Fats: (7.2g including saturated fatty acids 0.02g) Carbohydrates: (25.2g of which sugars 0g) Proteins: 3.6g Salt: 0.012g. Origin: Made in France Weight: Net weight: 90g Drained net weight: 60g / IMAGE 3- Candied ginger with pink berries 100g Commercial Name: GINGER CONFIT WITH ROSE BAYS Compositions: Ginger (48%), water, salt, acidifiers: E260, E330, preservative: E202, sweeteners: E951, E950, E955, E954, E163 color, pink berries (8%), vinegar. Energy value: Energy: (10kcal / 40kJ) Fats: (0g including saturated fatty acids 0g) Carbohydrates: (1,3g of which sugars 0g) Proteins: 0,2g Salt: 0,8g. Origin: France / IMAGE 4- Green pepper with vinegar 63g Commercial Name: GREEN PEPPER WITH VINEGAR Compositions: Green pepper, brine (water 80%, alcohol vinegar 15%, salt 5%) Energy value: Energy: (184cal / 775kJ) Fats: (4,65g including saturated fatty acids 0,0,1g) Carbohydrates: (23,8g of which sugars 0,06g) Proteins: 8,01g Salt: 0,01g Origin: Madagascar Weight: 100g / IMAGE 5- Tuna leaves with vinegar 55g Commercial Name: ESTRAGON IN SHEETS 95G Legal Name: Tartar leaves with light vinegar Compositions: Ingredients: tarragon, vinegar, water. Energy value: per 100g: Energy: (49kcal / 205kJ) Fats: (0.264g including saturated fatty acids 0.082g) Carbohydrates: (4.3g including 1.2g sugars) Proteins: 4.06g Salt: 0.02g. Origin: Made in France. Weight: Net weight: 95g Drained net weight: 45G IMAGE 6- Capers 55g Commercial Name: VINEGAR CREAM Compositions: Capers (Morocco), water, vinegar, salt Energy value: Energy: (29.2kcal / 123kJ) Fats: 0.48g including saturated fatty acids 0.12g) Carbohydrates: (2.1g including sugars 1.26g) Proteins: 2.48g Salt: 5.6g. Origin: France Weight: 100g