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IMAGE 1- Complete rice 400g Commercial Name: COMPLETE RICE Compositions: 100% cargo rice Energy value: Energy: (156cal / 659kJ) Fats: 1,1g including saturated fatty acids 0,17g) Carbohydrates: 31,7g of which sugars 0,45g) Proteins: 3,5g Salt: 0,05g Origin: EU Weight: 400g / IMAGE 2- Glutinous rice 400g Commercial Name: RIZ GLUANT Compositions: 100% sticky rice Energy value: Energy: (153cal / 642kJ) Fats: 0.3g of which saturated fatty acids 0,1g) Carbohydrates: 34,1g of which sugars 0,1g) Proteins: 3g Salt: 0,005g Origin: Thailand Weight: 400g / IMAGE 3- Rice flavored "Thai" 450g Commercial Name: THAI PERFUME RICE Compositions: 100% long fragrant rice Energy value: Energy: (350cal / 1488kJ) Fats: 0,82g including saturated fatty acids 0,19g) Carbohydrates: 78,2g of which sugars 0,04g) Proteins: 7,05g Salt: 0,01mg Origin: Cambodia Weight: 450g / IMAGE 4- Wild rice 400g Trade Name: WILD RICE OF CANADA Compositions: 100% wild rice (Zizania aquatica) (without additives or preservatives) Energy value: Energy: (356cal / 1501kJ) Fats: 1,08g including saturated fatty acids 0,16g) Carbohydrates: 68,7g of which sugars 2,5g) Proteins: 14,7g Salt: 0,02g Origin: Canada Weight: 400g / IMAGE 5- Japanese rice 430g Commercial Name: JAPANESE RICE Compositions: 100% rice Energy value: Energy: (351cal / 1492kJ) Fats: 1,2g of which saturated fatty acids 0,3g) Carbohydrates: 78,5g of which sugars 0,2g) Proteins: 6,4g Salt: 0,001g Origin: Italy Weight: 430g / IMAGE 6- Round rice 430g Commercial Name: RICE ROUND Compositions: 100% round rice. Energy value: Energy: (345kcal / 1464kJ) Fats: (1.0g including saturated fatty acids 0.29g) Carbohydrates: (77.5g including 0.1g sugars) Proteins: 5.8g Salt: 1.4g. Origin: EU Weight: 400g / IMAGE 7- Camargue red rice 400g Commercial Name: RED RICE Compositions: Rice Oryza sativa Energy value: Energy: (149cal / 672kJ) Fats: 0.34g including saturated fatty acids 0.09g) Carbohydrates: 32.8g including sugars 0.27g) Proteins: 3.29g Salt: 0g Origin: Thailand Weight: 400g