4CARE BALANCE SYNBIO Chewable Synbiotic Yoghurt Tablets

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the new gastrointestinal nourishing nutrients ‘Probiotic and Prebiotic’ are found having beneficial effects to these intestinal immune cells that help protecting us from common illnesses like cold, flu and fever to the more dangerous infections like pneumonia and intestinal inflammation. Sounds exciting? But only either one of them working solely has never been enough. 4CARE BALANCE SYNBIO Chewable Synbiotic Yoghurt Tablets come beyond with a unique Probiotic and Prebiotic combination that gives the powerful “Synbiotic” effect. That means the Probiotic and Prebiotic are combined readily for their better immune enhancing collaboration. 4CARE BALANCE SYNBIO is innovatively created from a special natural GANEDEN BC30 Probiotic which is researched that having 500 million CFU a day can effectively enhance immune response to fight against certain respiratory tract infections. And we never forget their natural favorite food ‘Prebiotic’ which helps support the probiotic proliferation.