Panettone / SWEETS

  • Country Origin: Not specified
IMAGE 1- Pistachio Panettone stuffed with Pistachio Cream / IMAGE 2- Pistachio panettone gr. 800 and Pistachio cream gr. 190 Can you resist a soft panettone covered with white chocolate with pistachio sprinkled with chopped pistachio? To be enjoyed also with the pistachio cream present in the package. / IMAGE 3- Fig and Chocolate Panettone / IMAGE 4- Almond and Chocolate Panettone gr. 800 and almond cream gr. 190 / IMAGE 5- Marsala panettone, raisins and orange / IMAGE 6- Hazelnut and Chocolate Panettone gr. 800 and hazelnut cream gr. 190 / IMAGE 7- Panettone Pear and Chocolate