Dumpling dough

  • Country Origin: Germany
/ IMAGE 1- Raw potato pulp Anyone who prepares original Thuringian dumplings for their own taste and values ​​quality will appreciate the Heichelheimer potato mass. The raw potato scraps made from fresh, grated klocher potatoes are squeezed out, as the housewife does. Produced without color and aroma substances, the Heichelheimer Raw Potato Mass is ideally suited for the preparation of genuine Thuringian dumplings. freshly frozen / IMAGE 2- Original Thuringian dumpling dough Thuringian dumpling dough with 20% potato dumpling made from freshly grated, raw, pressed potatoes for original Thuringian dumplings - shape - cook - ready- in the cooling rack / IMAGE 3- Dumplings dough with breadcrumbs Dumpling dough for the preparation of potato dumplings, freshly grated raw and cooked potatoes in a combination pack with roasted breadcrumbs in the cooling rack / IMAGE 4- Dumpling dough | fifty - fifty The dumpling dough half and half for the preparation of potato dumplings. Our dumpling dough is a specialty of freshly grated, raw and cooked potatoes in the cooling rack