• Country Origin: Sri Lanka
IMAGE 1- Royal Ceylon Blend No. 04 has been selected from the original blends that were formulated by our Founder Arthur Fredrick Jones way back in the early 1900’s. after careful analysis of the disparate tastes of people who enjoy s “really good” cup of tea around the world, this blends was selected by our master tea tasters as the most suitable for the most discerning tea drinker. - 25 Tea Bags - 25 x2g (50g)/ 25 Foil Sachets - 25 x2g (50g)/ 50 Tea Bags - 50x2g (100g)/ 100 Tea Bags - 100x2g (200g)/ / IMAGE 2- Earl Grey Blend No. 96 is a strong full bodied tea selected from the low elevational tea gardens of Ratnapura and Galle districts of Sri Lanka (Ceylon), perfumed with Bergamot that leaves a distinct floral after taste.- 25 Foil Sachets - 25x2g (50g)/ / IMAGE 3- Breakfast Blend No. 97 is a classical combination of Ceylon teas made “world famous” by the pioneering British tea planters. A collection of teas from the Dimbula district of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) specially selected by our team of master tea tasters for it’s strong distinct taste and delectable characteristics of the western slopes of the central hill country.- 25 Foil Sachets - 25x2g (50g)/ 25 Tea Bags - 25x2g (50g)/ 100 Tea Bags - 100x2g (200g)/ / IMAGE 4- Blend No. 106 Blend No. 106 – Earl Gray is the most famous and most recognized scented tea in the world. It is a black tea, scented with Bergamot, an oil extracted from a pear – shaped Mediterranean citrus, about the size of an orange.- 25 Foil Sachets - 25x2g (50g)/ 25 Tea Bags - 25x2g (50g)/ 100 Tea Bags - 100x2g (200g)/ 20 Pyramid Tea Bags - 20 x 2g (40g)/ Metal Canister - 100g/ / IMAGE 5- OPA / IMAGE 6- FBOP / IMAGE 7- BOP Premium quality tea grown at an elevation of 4000 feet above sea level bordering the cloud forests of Hortain Plains situated in the central highlands of Sri Lanka (Ceylon). This blend is rich in unique DIMBULA flavour, aroma, and is reddish in colour. / IMAGE 8- Pekoe / IMAGE 9- Ceylon Mist / IMAGE 10- Ceylon Bloom Blend No. 137 is an unique CEYLON FLOWERY BROKEN ORANGE PEKOE TEA from the gardens of NUWARA ELIYA districts of Sri Lanka (CEYLON).- Loose Tea - 100g