• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- WHITE CONDIMENT A special condiment based on white wine vinegar and cooked grape must, designed for those who prefer gentle and well-balanced flavours or clear tones that do not alter the natural colour of the dish. 250 ml bottle / IMAGE 2- FRUITY CONDIMENT The delicate and fruity taste is recommended for dressing and adding flavour to a wide variety of dishes, including salmon and pork carpaccio, sweet and sour vegetables, salads and fruit salads, oysters and prawns, cheeses as well as for creating glazes, dressings, marinades and – why not? – drinks, cocktails and mocktails. / IMAGE 3- GRAN MAESTRO Maestro is a condiment obtained from the best Italian grapes aged in oak casks that give this condiment a characteristically intense and full-bodied aroma, as well as a velvety and syrupy consistency. 250 ml bottle