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IMAGE 1- Marinated Chicken in Oven Bag Fresh chicken with Aggelakis guanteed quality, marinated in the secret marinade made by Ms Panagiota AGGELAKIS, and placed in the special oven bag, ready to bake. Prepare yourselves to amaze your loved ones, effortlessly! Ingredients: Fresh chicken (98%), Marinade (2%): Spices, salt, onion powder, mustard power, yeast extracts Average Packaging Weight: 1600g / IMAGE 2- Homemade chicken Gyros Homemade chicken Gyros, derived from marinated fresh Aggelakis’ chicken fillet. Ready to cook Ingredients: Chicken meat, Mustard, maize oil, paprika, pepper, garlic, onion, oregano, dextrose, salt, yeast extract, Lemon Sauce, (Water, Fresh Lemon Juice, Acidity regulator: citric acid, sugar, Preservative: sodium benzoate, lemon flavoring) Indicative Weight: 600gr / IMAGE 3- Chicken Meatballs Homemade chicken meatballs with meat from fresh chicken filet AGGELAKIS and pure ingredients, a secret recipe by Ms Panagiota AGGELAKIS; they are preheated. Ingredients: chicken filet, breadcrumbs, onion, bread, salt, spices Indicative weight: 550g / IMAGE 4- Chicken Burger Homemade Burger from AGGELAKIS fresh chicken meat and pure ingredients, a secret recipe by Ms Panagiota AGGELAKIS; it is precooked. Ingredients: chicken meat, bread crumbles, onion, salt, spices Indicative weight: 550gr