• Country Origin: Mexico
/ IMAGE 1- MEVI OIL Mevi Oil ® is a high quality, new generation, natural Super-Food, Cold Pressed, GMO FREE, minimal processing, 100% natural, without conservatives. Is a gourmet delight with a soft and delicate taste that enhances the essence of other ingredients. Can be used to prepare all kinds of meals. Smoke point higher than 200°C / 392°F, verified.. / IMAGE 2- HASS & HASS Is a gourmet delight with a soft and delicate taste that enhances the essence of other ingredientsCold Pressed. Extra virgin and 100% natural. without conservatives. Ideal for salads, dressings and vinaigrette. Ideal for High-heat cooking. / IMAGE 3- AVOCATESSEN Our Premium Extra Virgin Avocado oil has a bright intense emerald colour and a distinct fruity aroma. Cold-pressed with every organoleptic detail cared for, Avocatessen gives the superb finishing touch that will impress both foodies and experts alike. / IMAGE 4-MONTE PERSEA The one and only Extra Virgin Avocado Oil of México! With a luscious emerald color and a buttery flavor, Monte Persea will add green goodness to your dishes. Use it to drizzle, fry, roast and cook your daily meals and give them a healthy, better-for-you touch. / IMAGE 5- AVO AVO With more than 50% consisting with Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, our avocado shaped soap is perfect for an everyday beautiful skin. Made with coconut oil and green clay, tried and true ingredients that will moisture and cleanse your skin. / IMAGE 6- 1963 Art becomes oil. Our Extra Virgin, First Harvest and Cold Pressed Avocado Oil is one of a kind. A secret formula extracted at the lowest possible temperature, combining technology and authentic artisanship resulting in excellence. / IMAGE 7- ALEO Our Virgin Avocado Oil kicks up the notch of the heat in your kitchen! With a verified smoke point of – while granting the benefits avocado oil we know and love. Use it for high heat cooking without a breaking a sweat.