• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- RED, BLACK AND WHITE RICE PIE WITH SEA BASS SLICE For a light but delicious proposal, today we offer a red, black and white lemon-flavored rice cake, accompanied by a slice of marinated sea bass. The pie is a delicious mix of flavors and textures: the softness of white rice goes perfectly with red and black rice, which remains slightly crunchy even after cooking. The lemon combined with basil gives the dish a nostalgic summer fragrance, combining perfectly with the taste of sea bass. / IMAGE 2- RISOTTO WITH BLUEBERRIES AND SPECK Risotto with blueberries and speck is a good first course with a scenic appearance. The risotto used is a classic, but enriched with pink-purple tones that make it nothing short of singular and amazing. Although it has an intense color, the taste is delicate, slightly acidic, perfectly balanced with the tasty taste of smoked speck. This rice is perfect for a quick meal, but also to be served on special occasions because it is really beautiful and elegant. Blueberries are good, you know, so it's also a recipe that is good for you. For an intense flavor, blueberries, speck and spring onion should obviously be fresh. Sant'Andrea rice is perfect for this risotto because the medium and full-bodied grain is able to better absorb the flavor of blueberries and speck, while remaining soft. This quality tends to whisk, so it makes the risotto creamy and delicious. The recipe uses typically South Tyrolean ingredients, such as South Tyrolean speck and mountain blueberries. The ideal ones to use in fact are not the big ones from sweet cultivation, but those little ones of mountain that have the most acid taste. Even using the big ones, however, the dish succeeds. Being a South Tyrolean dish, the advice is to combine an excellent regional wine of this area, like a red or rosé Lagrein, to stay with the theme with colors. / IMAGE 3- RICE WITH BEETROOT AND SALMON FILLET Rice is not just a first course, in fact it can be an excellent side dish, light and nutritious. For a light and fanciful idea today we decided to combine a rice with spring onion and beetroot with a salmon fillet. The result is a single dish, or a second dish, delicious and refined. A simple recipe to make for a light lunch at home, for a dinner with friends or for a special occasion. This dish is a classic single Canadian dish, it is in fact classic ingredients of that area. The only difference is that in Canada wild rice is used, our advice is instead to choose the quality of Sant'Andrea rice. Rice can be warm or even cold based on tastes or climate. During the preparation we combined the rice with the red turnip, only at a later time. However, if you want to give the rice a rosy color, to make the dish more special and romantic, an idea is to dip the beetroot in water for 1 minute, even before it boils and before putting the salt to the water. The vegetable will release part of its juice, then giving the rice its cooking color. Salmon is a tasty fish and also rich in excellent nutritional properties, such as proteins, polyunsaturated fats, vitamins and mineral salts. The cooking time of this fish is rapid and does not require any special procedures, therefore it is possible to quickly obtain an excellent salmon fillet to combine with rice. / IMAGE 4- RICE SALAD WITH HAM AND MELON In the summer, when the heat is annoying, what you need is a fresh, tasty and rich dish, like a beautiful rice salad. To give a special note to today's recipe, we combined the classic preparation of rice salad with the timeless ham and melon. The dish is fresh and tasty, a perfect solution for a summer dinner in the garden, or even on the beach or in the office. The tasty cooked ham, combined with the sweetness of the melon, creates a delicious and unique contrast. Then the addition of rice, cheese and chives enriches it and gives an intense and aromatic flavor. The rice salad has the advantage of being very versatile, in fact it is enough to add or remove an ingredient to have a new salad based on all tastes and palates. The only thing that always remains, the main ingredient of the recipe is obviously rice, for the rest it is enough to play with imagination, indulge and experiment. The result is a pleasant and fresh idea, an explosion of colors and flavors on the table that appeals to adults and children. A funny idea, for the ham and melon rice salad, is to serve rice in the melon itself. In this case it will be necessary to empty the half with a spoon and put the inverted peel on a paper pan, so as to eliminate the excess of melon juice. The rice salad is easy to take away from home in a plastic container. Otherwise it can be kept in the fridge, sealed in an airtight container for up to three days. The dish can also be frozen, but only if fresh ingredients have been used for the preparation / IMAGE 5- CREAMY SEAFOOD RISOTTO Sea risotto, also called seafood risotto, is a classic and delicious first in Italian cuisine. It is excellent both when the outside temperatures are cool and when it is hot. It always has a special flavor, so it's always a good idea even when you have guests for dinner. Risotto with seafood is amazing especially when prepared with fresh quality fish, although it is clear that the cost of the dish increases. Although apparently this might seem a complex recipe, in reality it is not at all like this, in reality this risotto does not require particular skills among the cookers. The important thing is to carefully choose the fish with which to prepare this first and arm yourself with a little bit of healthy patience. The culinary proposal that we are going to illustrate is prepared with seafood, then mussels, clams, prawns, squid, but the recipe can be modified as desired based on the availability of the moment or your own tastes. The secret of this risotto is the fish broth, which can be prepared with shrimp and squid scraps to use everything, but just everything you have available. For sea risotto, so that it can be defined as truly "creamy", we recommend using good quality Roma rice. This superfine rice has large, round and long grains and is perfect for creaming. The proposed recipe is in white, however towards the end of cooking the risotto you can add a few tablespoons of tomato paste if you want a risotto "in red". / IMAGE 6- .ARBORIO RICE CAKE WITH SCAMPI AND ARTICHOKE EMULSION Risotto with scampi and artichoke emulsion is a light and tasty alternative to meat-based first courses. The characteristic taste of artichoke goes perfectly with all the fish, especially if it is as tasty as scampi. The dish is simple to prepare but has an absolutely refined air, therefore it is suitable to be served also on special occasions, on the occasion of parties and dinners with guests, both in winter and in summer. The dish is light, so it's fine even if it is part of a multi-course meal. The quality of the ingredients influences the preparation of the dish. In fact, you can use frozen products to make the recipe simpler but more delicate as a taste, or you can take fresh ingredients for a truly intense and overwhelming taste. In this case it will be necessary to prepare the artichokes first, removing the scraps and putting them in water and lemon to avoid becoming black, and the scampi, eliminating the carapace. The presentation of the risotto in tartlet, with the coppapasta, makes the dish really precious, as if served by a starred chef. If necessary, this dish can be prepared in advance, putting the patties in the oven 10 minutes before serving. In this case it also adds a touch of extra crunchiness to the dish. / IMAGE 7- MUSHROOM RISOTTO Risotto with mushrooms is a classic of Italian cuisine, timeless tasty. This dish is perfect as a first course in every season, because it is light and goes well with different types of courses. Combined with a second course of meat, it brings diners back to an alpine and mountain environment, paired with fish gives the liveliness of the association seas and mountains, now an icon of the kitchen. Mushroom risotto can be made with various fungal families. There are those who prefer risotto with porcini, but in some cases they are not easy to find and the taste is very intense, so much that everyone does not always like it. Today's proposal is a more delicate version that fits everyone: a version with mushrooms and honey mushrooms. These two species of mushrooms can be found not only in autumn, but also during the rest of the year. Alternatively, even a packaged mushroom mix is ​​fine, if you can't get fresh. To accomplish this first, the secret is to make a broth with mushroom stalks. These, in fact, although less valuable, contain an intense taste of their own, so why not reuse them to give an excellent aroma to the dish ?! For the proposed recipe we have chosen to use Arborio quality rice, with large and long grains, which resists cooking well and is perfect for dense and creamy risottos. Each grain will absorb the aroma of the mushrooms, bringing to each bite a forest idyll on the palate. / IMAGE 8- WHITE CHOCOLATE RISOTTO In the kitchen there are ingredients that you can't imagine paired in a single dish, yet using your imagination or daring to try some particular recipe, you can try a real journey into taste. This is the case for example with white chocolate risotto, a savory recipe and a delicious, intriguing and special first course. This risotto with oriental notes combines the sweet notes of white chocolate with the tasty and fiery wasabi, very used in the recipes of Japanese culinary culture. Everything is combined with the very Italian basil which gives the recipe a fresh and special note. This trio of ingredients is a perfect balance of cultures and flavors. Sweet, spicy and fresh will make this risotto truly unforgettable. The use of wasabi makes this recipe more suitable for adults, for children it may be too strong. The dish is perfect for special occasions or as a first in an alternative and oriental menu. If you want to combine white chocolate risotto with a good wine , the advice is to choose a wine with good acidity, like a Sauvignon. Its flowery freshness is perfect with this dish. If you love bubbles, a classic sparkling wine is recommended, which balances the fatness and the sweet notes of risotto. Alternatively we recommend Riesling, a Kerner, a Gavi or a Vermentino. / IMAGE 9- RISOTTO WITH ARTICHOKE HEARTS Risotto with artichokes is an easy and very tasty recipe that appeals to everyone, adults and children. The dish is very simple to prepare so it can also be an original last minute idea. The bitter taste of the artichokes is well emphasized combined with simple ingredients, such as the classic Rome rice, for a first enveloping and unique. The refined version of the risotto with artichoke hearts is also perfect for special occasions , perhaps in combination with a good still white. However, there are numerous variants of this first, you can add speck, pancetta, some particular cheese. Artichokes are an ingredient that goes well with many flavors and that can give great satisfaction: therefore wide to the imagination and to the most particular mix of flavors. The artichokes are added to the risotto halfway through cooking, so as to preserve the softness and integrity to be enjoyed with every taste. Artichoke hearts are excellent, of course, fresh , but if it is necessary or if it is not the right season (winter fall), you can also use frozen ones. These, comfortable and practical, will still result in an excellent risotto. All diners will ask for an encore. One important thing: before handling fresh artichokes, remember to put on latex gloves or rub your hands with lemon, to prevent them from turning black! / IMAGE 10- PARMESAN RISOTTO, ASPARAGUS AND TALEGGIO CHEESE Parmesan risotto with asparagus and taleggio is a delicacy that recalls spring and is elegant and very fragrant . This dish has a delicate taste, so it lends itself to different occasions, in fact everyone really likes it, young and old, not to mention that it is gluten-free and a recipe also suitable for those who follow a vegan diet. This first course is the perfect match between the classic risotto creamed with taleggio and the simple green risotto with asparagus, a mouth-watering union. However, if there are children who do not like vegetables, you can also chop the asparagus stalks in the mixer and add them with the onion, so you won't see them, but they will still give their delicious taste. For the recipe we recommend the use of Carnaroli quality rice, because it blends perfectly with the asparagus and the creaminess given by the cheeses. This "king of rice", the most classic and used in the Italian tradition, has a low degree of stickiness and resists even high levels of cooking. Thanks to the consistency of Carnaroli, the creaming is perfect. We recommend combining risotto with parmigiana, asparagus and taleggio with a fragrant, fruity and fresh wine in contrast with the bitter taste of asparagus. / IMAGE 11- RISOTTO WITH RADICCHIO The risotto with radicchio , also known as risotto Treviso , is a first tasty and refined dish. It is ideal for an informal lunch, but also for a dinner with guests. As a dish it is traditionally autumnal, as the colors and aromas of the season dictate: this is indeed the moment in the year in which we find fresh and delicious radicchio on the market and on our tables. This first is among the classics of the Venetian culinary tradition , a dish with a decisive and unmistakably bitterish touch that combines perfectly with the taste of the grain or alternatively with Montasio cheese . The radicchio that is usually used is precisely that of Treviso, because it is slightly less bitter than the radicchio of Chioggia, which instead is very bitter, being closer to the taste of endive. / IMAGE 12- SHRIMP AND ASPARAGUS RISOTTO The risotto with shrimp and asparagus is a particular combination that can amaze even the most skeptical: the taste is delicate and unique, a true refinement for the palate. This first course is in perfect harmony with the spring season, light and appetizing. Asparagus is a classic main ingredient of the period and can be found by taking a simple walk in the countryside (the wild ones) or in any supermarket, fresh or frozen. or the recipe you can use all types of asparagus, but we propose the green ones with a delicate taste, to bring a nice contrast of colors at the table. This perfect union between land and sea has a very inviting scent, also thanks to the presence of fresh prawns. The sweetness of these in contrast with the slightly bitter aftertaste of the asparagus is special. Using the cooking water of the asparagus and shrimp heads as rice broth, the risotto takes on an even stronger flavor. / IMAGE 13- PILAF RICE WITH VEGETABLES Pilaf rice with vegetables is an essential and tasty dish perfect 365 days a year as it can be consumed very well as a hot dish, but also as a cold dish. The taste is simple, as is the realization, which is why it lends itself to many different personal variations, which you can create with seasonal vegetables, month after month or based on what is in the refrigerator. The pilaf rice is good and light , thanks also to the different type of cooking than the usual one which makes this dish something to try and experiment with by those who love to enjoy cooking. The pilaf is a system for cooking rice different from the common way, in fact after browning the rice with the butter and the chopped onion in a pan, it is completely covered with water, leaving it to be cooked closed with the lid. The grains remain well separated and the rice retains its intense flavor and aroma like never before. In certain areas of the world, especially in India and the Middle East, cloves or cinnamon are also added during cooking. The ideal for vegetable pilaf is Arborio rice: its large, pearly grain is cooked evenly outside, but keeps the heart al dente. / IMAGE 14- SAFFRON RISOTTO PIE WITH CHICORY HEART Preface Many times it takes just a few small steps to give a new life and a completely new look and taste to a dish. The classic saying that tells "the eye wants its part" is true and it is also in the kitchen. If you are looking for the main dish for the next Valentine's Day, today we have something new for you to do something effective and simple at the same time. Instead of serving the classic saffron risotto, we will give you some ideas to turn it into a tasty saffron risotto pie with chicory heart. A scenographic risotto to say with the sor (rice)! A dish that will surely win the attention and give you the title of chef for this 2017 Valentine's Day. If it seems difficult or laborious, you are wrong. In fact it is sufficient to prepare the risotto according to the classic method, following the recipe that follows, and then place it in baking cups, adding the chicory to half the filling. A unique and sophisticated combination that will be appreciated and unbeatable, especially in the cold of February. A light pass in the oven at the end will be the touch of class that will make this dish delicious, tasty and crunchy. / IMAGE 15- PUMPKIN RISOTTO A typical recipe of the Northern Italian gastronomic tradition, easy to prepare, but really tasty: pumpkin risotto . This dish is a classic of the autumn season, in fact its colors are those of the leaves of the trees at this time of year. In fact, the pumpkin that is used in many cases is the orange one that we see in October for Halloween, nicely emptied and lit with a candle. Pumpkin risotto of course goes very well also as a dish for the rest of the year: the delicate taste always pleases everyone, young and old, plus it allows different imaginative customizations to give the recipe an ever new touch. The ingredients of this first are essential, those of the poor country tradition, genuine and free of frivolity, and its strength is its simplicity, which recalls the good smell of the hearth of the house. For the risotto, the best pumpkin is probably the thick pulp one, which has few fibers and filaments. Then the Reggio or Mantuan pumpkin called "Hat of the priest" or the Venetian "Marina di Chioggia". The sweetness of this ingredient always makes it necessary, for a balanced culinary result, to pair it with something sour (vinegar, lemon, mustard), bitter (amaretti, radicchio) or with cheeses with an intense taste like a gorgonzola or a taleggio. Pumpkin risotto is a cheap first course and also suitable for those on a vegetarian diet or those who cannot take gluten. An easy, tasty, healthy and successful first! / IMAGE 16- NOVISCIA PANISCIA Paniscia is a type of traditional risotto from Novara , but also from other areas where it is also known as "panissa". In the Vercelli area there is also the Sagra a Lunassi in September, where the Paniscia is the dish of excellence celebrated, as well as in the different Sears of Paniscia in the area of ​​Lodi. The name "paniscia" probably derives from "panìgo", a poor variety of millet, with which the dish was made before the spread of rice. The Paniscia Novarese is a rich and tasty traditional risotto that brings back the warmth of peasant outbreaks. In this case the vegetables do not serve to prepare a broth with which to wet the risotto while cooking, but they are an integral and fundamental part of going to enrich the dish. Below we propose the variant of Novara of the paniscia, it is obvious that being a traditional recipe ancient housewife makes sure that there are innumerable variations: in the Novara area it is said that when it comes to paniscia all are cooks and everyone has the real recipe! In essence, therefore, each one with this dish can let himself go with a bit of imagination, to make the journey in taste even more pleasant and unique. To facilitate the preparation we recommended butter and bacon among the ingredients, but if you want an even more traditional note use lard and liver mortadella. We recommend serving the genuine Paniscia Novarese with a good still red wine of medium build like the barbera of Piedmont or a wine from the hills of Novara, to stay on the subject. / IMAGE 17- RICE WITH STRAWBERRIES Risotto with strawberries is a first course with a new and delicious taste to be offered especially in the spring and summer season, that is when the strawberries are right at the height of their ripeness. This first one is pink, extremely particular and romantic, perfect also for special occasions like a romantic dinner, for Women's Day or anyway to make a good impression even with sophisticated guests. The taste is particular and delicate, and children like it too, although initially they will be speechless from seeing strawberries on something other than a dessert. Surprise is guaranteed for those who want to try unusual combinations. A variation of this risotto, if once you want to try it differently, is to add half shelled shrimps: the taste of contrast with strawberries becomes an ecstasy of taste, an interesting journey towards new gastronomic horizons. This risotto should be consumed immediately, because with the passing of the hours the strawberries lose color and tend to brown, therefore they become unpresentable.