Black Rice
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IMAGE 1- RED, BLACK AND WHITE RICE PIE WITH SEA BASS SLICE For a light but delicious proposal, today we offer a red, black and white lemon-flavored rice cake, accompanied by a slice of marinated sea bass. The pie is a delicious mix of flavors and textures: the softness of white rice goes perfectly with red and black rice, which remains slightly crunchy even after cooking. The lemon combined with basil gives the dish a nostalgic summer fragrance, combining perfectly with the taste of sea bass. / IMAGE 2- BLACK RICE SALAD WITH CRUNCHY VEGETABLES Black rice is very tasty, rich in mineral salts and fibers. It is a healthy food, perfect for those who want to eat light, but without sacrificing energy and taste. This precious type is widespread in the East, but is now also cultivated in Italy. The beans are small, with an intense aroma that seems a bit like that of bread, which gets stronger and stronger during cooking. Black rice is a very digestible cereal and also excellent for celiacs. The best combination for this rice is with vegetables, as per oriental tradition. The addition of turmeric, soy sauce, ginger and cumin seeds gives the dish an exotic touch. The vegetables are just blanched so that they remain crispy and tasty. Scamorza is the delicious touch that makes the dish perfect for children too. Black rice with crunchy vegetables is a light and healthy first course. The ingredients are simple: the rice of the Moro quality, sautéed spring vegetables and a precious spice like turmeric. A colorful, healthy and tasty dish, which makes a beautiful figure for example for a dinner in the garden in the summer season. Black rice with vegetables is easy to make, so it's so appreciated. Moreover it is possible to taste it cold, so you can easily prepare it even the day before, indeed some argue it is even better. / IMAGE 3- STEAMED COD ON BLACK RICE The steamed cod on black rice that we propose today is a recipe that, besides being light and dietetic, is also really tasty and special, so much so that it will seem incredible that it has so few calories. Cod is a very versatile type of fish, steamed, it becomes a 100% healthy food, perfect for low-calorie diets and for people of all ages. To flavor steamed cod, to avoid stir-fry and anything else we have flavored the fish thanks to an emulsion of oil, lemon and aromas of different kinds. The result? A unique and really good taste. As an accompaniment to cod, to have a good well-matched single dish both in terms of taste and nutritional properties, we have decided to offer black rice. This quality of rice, included in the category of classic original rice, is rich in beneficial properties and goes well with low-calorie diets. The two preparations are made individually and the two are associated only at the end when they are placed, except that steaming cod can occur in the rice cooker, while it is boiling. The preparation of the fish is really fast, so you don't need big preparations. Rice instead requires more time, about half an hour more, so you have to start from the one in the preparation. For a recipe of the highest level it is always recommended to use fresh fish, however if it is not possible, know that even frozen cod can be very tasty indeed. The thing we recommend is however to always thaw the fish well before cooking it. / IMAGE 4- BLACK RICE PIE WITH SALMON For a sophisticated and healthy first course we have decided to offer a black rice cake today. This rice is perfect to be served cold as an appetizer, first course or side dish. Its properties make this rice a tasty and special dish, with countless beneficial and light properties. The combination with salmon only completes this first course in the name of health. The presentation in the form of a pie makes this risotto a true chef's dish, perfect also for guests as a main course, complete and balanced, or even as an appetizer if served in smaller quantities. The aspect is greedy and unique, thanks to the colors and scents emanated. The salmon then placed over the rice at the end, immediately highlights the special ingredients of the course. Black rice goes perfectly with salmon and lime giving it a delicious and unique taste. The addition of chives and chilli is ideal for balancing the citrus notes of the dish. The advantage of this first is that the rice can also be prepared the day before, so that at the right time it is sufficient to invest 5-10 minutes in the preparation of the salmon. The recipe is very simple, despite the sophisticated appearance of the pie. Seeing is believing. In combination with this first course we recommend a good still white wine. / IMAGE 5- BLACK RICE SALAD WITH MANGO, AVOCADO AND RED ONION For a dinner with friends, for an exotic taste or to offer a fresh dish when the temperatures are high, today we offer a black rice salad. This delicious dish is the right choice to bring to the table a different, unusual and light menu. The dish also looks fresh and colorful, which is why it is an original idea even when there are guests at home. Ingredients such as mango and avocado are also a real cure for health, especially if eaten raw as in this first course. Mango is rich in vitamins and is an excellent tonic and purifier. The avocado, on the other hand, is a fruit rich in good fats, proteins, calcium and phosphorus, essential for giving energy to the body. Moro is a type of light risotto with many beneficial properties. For this reason it goes perfectly with the healthy ingredients to which we combine it with this rice salad. The recipe is very simple to make, so it gives the possibility to really make a good impression, even without being an expert in the kitchen. The final secret of this recipe is in the setting, for a truly chef's presentation, wet a cup or a cup, fill it with rice and then pour it over the plate, so that it keeps its shape. Put some pieces of mango, avocado and red onion on top of the rice: a wonderful presentation for a light and special first course. / IMAGE 6- BLACK RICE PIE WITH PLAICE FILLET AND PISTACHIOS The rice cake with plaice and pistachios is an unusual first but simple to prepare. The dish is very tasty and the two main ingredients acquire a unique flavor by approaching each other and enhancing each other. The recipe is as tasty as it is light , in fact black rice is a type of light cereal with countless beneficial properties for the body. This first course is therefore indicated for low-calorie diets and is gluten-free, a real cure-all for everyone. The black rice pie with plaice and pistachios has a tasty but delicate taste, which is why it is also appreciated by children. It can constitute a single dish, balanced and complete, perhaps adding some more plaice fillet or it can also be served as an appetizer. The plaice is a fish found at the supermarket throughout the year. If fresh fish obviously tastes better and makes the dish excellent, even frozen food is not bad at all, depending on availability. However, if you use frozen food it is better to be defrosted when you pass it in the pan. The best thing is to dry the fillets with kitchen paper. Plaice is a fish that everyone likes, rich in mineral salts and low in fat, so it is highly digestible. / IMAGE 7- STUFFED ARTICHOKE WITH BLACK RICE Artichokes are a very versatile vegetable and very used in cooking: gratins, sautéed with rice or with fish, they are perfect for making tasty and nutritious dishes. Artichokes are a light vegetable and with few calories, for this it lends itself to first light and to vegetarian cooking. Their shape makes them ideal for stuffing. There are those who deprive them of the stem and empty them by recreating a sort of cup, those who prefer to cut them in half, even in the part of the stem, so as to have spoons of artichoke stuffed. Stuffed artichokes are a different recipe than usual, it requires few simple ingredients, for a good and easy dish that will surprise all diners, even the smallest ones for the particular presentation. This first course can be enjoyed hot, but also cold, both as a first course and as an appetizer. The peculiarity of this recipe is the perfect harmony of consistencies so different from each other in one bite: the crunchiness of the surface with golden breadcrumbs, leaves room for the softness of the artichoke and then amazes with a creamy and succulent heart. / IMAGE 8- BLACK RICE WITH PRAWNS AND CANTONESE VEGETABLES Black rice with prawns and Cantonese vegetables is a dish with an exotic taste that will take you to distant and mysterious lands. This first is a surprising and tasty culinary journey on the palate, in fact, even in the eyes this dish is beautiful, colorful (the contrast is splendid) and interesting. Ideal for the hot seasons served cold or even in winter, warm, this risotto is a simple dish to prepare and ideal for when you organize elaborate dinners , since you can prepare it even a few hours before and that you can pull out if necessary. It is in fact sufficient to heat the ingredients to make it perfect as if it came from a kitchen of great chefs. In this case we have proposed the most original version of Cantonese rice, but if you wish to make variations it is possible: the taste and the presentation will remain excellent. For example, you can substitute shrimp with chicken or ham and vary the type of vegetables it contains. It also depends on what you have in the fridge at that time. Its particular coloring also attracts the little ones who usually love it.