• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- BROWN RICE BOAT WITH RADICCHIO AND PANCETTA Anyone who believes that brown rice is only suitable for the preparation of super light, vegan or rice salads is wrong. In fact, the brown rice, like the carnaroli quality, is also perfect for preparing excellent and delicious risottos. The advantage is to give tasty dishes, even a healthy and beneficial ingredient. The preparation of risotto with wholegrain rice allows for a light and very digestible first course. The brown rice boat with radicchio and pancetta is elegant, refined and fun. A perfect first to delight your guests with something known, but in a completely new way. Everyone likes this rice, so it's a perfect first for dinners with guests, but also for an informal lunch. The risotto with radicchio is a first that belongs to the Venetian culinary tradition, today we offer it in its integral version for a light touch and enriched with tasty bacon, to counterbalance, with a decisive and tasty touch. The bitter radicchio is enriched with the intense delicious taste of pancetta, for a combination that turns every bite into a culinary journey. The classic recipe for this dish would require the use of Chioggia radicchio, a cross between endive and Treviso radicchio. For a less bitter taste, if you know you might have children at the table, we recommend the Treviso, less bitter and more delicate. We have chosen this last formula because the leaves of the Treviso area lend themselves better as a form to form the boats. / IMAGE 2- BROWN RICE WITH PECAN NUTS AND CRANBERRIES Rice with blueberries and pecans is a perfect dish for those who love to experiment with new flavors and are looking for particular tastes from different parts of the world. The proposal with brown rice makes this recipe different from the usual thanks to two very special ingredients: dehydrated cranberries and pecans. Blueberries are part of those fruits rich in flavonoids, precious allies for example against the unpleasant effects of menopause, they are perfect to promote circulation and to break capillaries. Pecans are dried fruits that contain essential elements such as oleic acid, antioxidants and are useful against high cholesterol in the blood. The use of carnaroli brown rice proposed for the preparation of this unique recipe, makes the dish healthy and beneficial for the organism, in all its components. In fact, untreated brown rice maintains its nutritional properties to the best which would otherwise be lost. Brown rice goes perfectly with low-calorie diet and is not heavy in terms of digestion, so it is perfect for young and old. The dish, essentially a colorful and particular rice salad, combines the sour taste of cranberries, with the sweet taste of pecans, with the savory taste of brown rice. This cold rice salad is perfect for the first warm and summer seasons, to be enjoyed at lunch for a quick light meal alone or in company for a special dinner with an oriental flavor. Salads and acidic condiments do not usually enhance wine, but dried fruit such as blueberries and walnuts contribute to creating a flavor and texture that complements the wine. For this type of salad, the ideal pairings are the sweet white wines, then Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Riesling, Prosecco and even a Moscato Reale if in a lively version. / IMAGE 3- RISOTTO WITH LEEKS AND PRAWNS Risotto with leeks and prawns is a tasty and effective first course, even if it is easy to make. The taste of the prawns and the creaminess of the rice are enhanced by the strong taste of the leek, used in this recipe instead of the usual onion in the sauce. The combination of leeks and prawns is winning and creates a lively and beautiful combination of colors to be presented at the table. The prawns make this risotto, a precious first to be presented also in a lunch with guests: it will look great and will have a sophisticated air, even if the preparation would actually have been simple and fast. The whole risotto with leeks and prawns is a tasty, healthy and satiating dish. The integral, not having been depleted of its beneficial substances, is rich in nutrients that do good. The only drawback is the much longer cooking times: in fact, to speed up it is possible to burn it in a pressure cooker. Brown rice, if well done, can give you a good creaminess, but if you are still not satisfied you can add a tablespoon of cream towards the end of cooking. For a lively touch to the dish you can also add chilli, it goes perfectly. / IMAGE 4- RED RICE WITH CURRY AND ZUCCHINI ON A BED OF CREAM OF CANNELLINI BEANS Whole red rice is a variety of rice that is not very well known, but really nutritious and beautiful to look at. For a recipe so healthy as well as tasty here is an idea that will appeal to all your guests: red rice with curry and zucchini on a delicious bed of cream of cannellini beans. This dish looks elegant and sophisticated , as if it had just come out of a great chef's kitchen, but in reality it is very simple to prepare. This risotto is naturally gluten free, so perfect for coeliacs and gluten intolerants, and is also excellent for vegan diets. This dish is tasty and genuine. The sweet and delicate taste of courgettes and cannellini beans matches perfectly with the strong taste of curry. The colors of the ingredients and red rice make the risotto a lively and beautiful mix of colors to give the eye its part of pleasure.