• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Classic Carnaroli Rice Flour The Rice Flour Classic Carnaroli is naturalmenta gluten-free and very versatile in the kitchen. It has a delicate taste and is perfect for the preparation of both sweet and savory recipes. It is ideal for light frying but also as a thickener. Or to churn out cakes with a unique taste. It also lends itself well to being mixed with other types of flour. / IMAGE 2- Wholemeal Integral Rice Flour "Il Cardinale" Il Cardinale Red Rice is an exclusive and patented product from our farm. And even his flour will surprise you. It is naturally gluten-free and very versatile in the kitchen. It owes its color and its properties to the coating that covers the grain and that contains a large quantity of nutrients and fibers. It is perfect for preparing countless recipes such as, for example, gluten free desserts, for your fries and much more. / IMAGE 3- Aromatic wholemeal rice flour, originating from Il Moro Integral Black Rice Flour Il Moro owes its particular color to the presence of natural pigments, anthocyanins, which protect cells from the negative action of free radicals. It is a naturally gluten-free product and very versatile in the kitchen. This flour is characterized by a low glycemic index and is ideal for the preparation of vegan and gluten free desserts, as a thickener or for breading. Moreover, thanks to its color, it will fill your kitchen with imagination.