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IMAGE 1- cream cheese Cream cheese are unripe cheeses made from cow, sheep, goat or buffalo milk. They are usually made from pasteurized milk, the fat content of which is adjusted according to the type of fresh cheese. The milk is thickened by acidification and / or rennet addition. Typical representatives are fresh country and spoon cheese, curd cheese in different fat levels, more substantial fresh cheeses such as Gervais, herb cheese and sheep and goat cheese rolls. / IMAGE 2- soft cheese Depending on the recipe and degree of ripeness, the characteristic aroma ranges from mild-fine to spicy-strong. / IMAGE 3- hard cheese Hard cheeses are rennet cheeses (link), which are mainly made from silage-free raw milk. In the course of cheese ripening, a natural bark is formed, either with the help of red cultures or by drying and oiling the surface. The cheeses mature between three and 18 months. Hard cheeses are of firm consistency. Typical representatives are mountain cheese, Emmentaler, rock cellar cheese or Asmonte. manufacturing From 13 to 15 liters of milk is one kilogram of hard cheese. In the dairy, the raw, or pasteurized milk Lab (link) is added. The milk coagulates and becomes a gelatinous mass cut with the käselyra on wheat grain size. Then the cheese curd is pressed into tissues or molds. This separates the whey from the cheese. The surface consolidates. The cheese curd, so-called "green cheese", is put into salt bath. During the maturation period, he is regularly cared for. During the maturation period he needs regular care. The cheese care is very expensive. The cheese must be washed, brushed and turned regularly. How long the cheese has to ripen depends on the variety. The span ranges from three months to two years. Around hard cheese / IMAGE 4- Sour milk cheese With 40 percent dry matter content, tempered and often spiced cheeses made from skim plugs create the squaring of the circle. They are low in fat and yet quite the g'schmackigste, what you can imagine. / IMAGE 5- cut cheese Semi-hard cheeses are medium-strength cheeses made using Lab (link). They are mostly made from pasteurized milk. Sliced ​​cheese differs from hard cheese in its higher water content and shorter maturation time. Sliced ​​cheese is milder in flavor than hard cheese.