Olive Preparations

  • Country Origin: Spain
IMAGE 1- Whole Olives These are olives to which the pit is not extracted and they maintain the same shape as when they are picked from the olive tree. It is important to select and treat them with great care to avoid any kind of damage to the fruit, which affects the final image of the packaged product. / IMAGE 2- Pitted Olives They are olives to which the pit is extracted by means of pistons. The action of these pistons leaves in the olives a distinctive hole in the shape of a star. / IMAGE 3- Sliced Olives They are manufactured from already pitted olives. The slices are obtained with a specific machine provided with fine blades that align and cut the olives so that the thickness of the slices is always the same. Sliced olives, both green and black, are ideal for pizzas, sandwiches, pasta recipes and sauces. / IMAGE 4- Stuffed Green Olives The green olives, once pitted, are stuffed with different ingredients. We export our olives to more than 75 countries around the world, so we have a wide variety of stuffings, from the anchovy or red pepper classics, to different types of cheese, almond, salmon, garlic, onion, orange, lemon .. flavors for all the local tastes of each country.