• Country Origin: Germany
IMAGE 1- TRADITIONAL PRODUCTION AND TOP QUALITY QUALITY IN HARMONY WITH NATURE We use only the best raw materials, which are carefully processed and made into the best premium pasta on the market. Our durum wheat semolina is guaranteed GMO-free. We follow a strict philosophy of sustainable food production. IMAGE 2- BECHTLE GOURMET NOODLES By kneading it multiple ways, tiny air bubbles are incorporated into our dough, lending our gourmet noodles their rich and tender texture. Then we blend in the finest herbs and seasonings, and the result is our delicious herb noodles. Our flavorful gourmet herb noodles are available in these varieties: Tomato Chili (4 mm) Garden Herbs (8 mm) Spinach (8 mm) Porcini Mushroom (4 mm) Wild Garlic (8 mm) Bechtle Egg Pasta is made with the best durum wheat semolina and eggs that are cracked fresh daily. All eggs are from cage-free chickens which are fed with non-GMO chicken feed. / IMAGE 3- CLASSIC AND AUTHENTICALLY SWABIAN. JUST LIKE US! With Bechtle’s spaetzle and pasta classics, you take home a little piece of Swabian tradition. The best durum wheat semolina and free-range eggs have distinguished these products for over 100 years. To top it off, all our raw ingredients are guaranteed GMO-free! Try our Classic Pasta and Swabian Specialties: Broad Noodles Soup Noodles Corkscrew Spirals Klusky Mini-Lasagne Maccaroni Spaetzle Bavarian Style Spaetzle Farmer Style Spaetzle Hofbauer Style Spaetzle Bavarian Style Spaetzle Home Style (Box)