Ancient Condiment from Reggio Emilia Tradition

  • Country Origin: Not specified
/ IMAGE 1- Ancient Condiment from Reggio Emilia Tradition Green label “3” Descrizione Terra del Tuono’s Ancient Condiment Green Label “3” is characterized by a light and fresh taste, it releases a pronounced volatile acidity sensation, a slightly aggressive taste is perceived on the palate. The Sweet and Sour Seasoning Terra del Tuono “3” is the youngest and least refined product of our company. It has a strong scent and a good acidity, it’s used to enrich carpaccio, pinzimoni, fresh salads. It can be added at the end of cooking to flavor dishes of shellfish, lamb chops, chicken breasts and red meats. Excellent on appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, it goes well with all white meats. / IMAGE 2- Ancient Condiment from Reggio Emilia Tradition Red label “8” Descrizione It’s preferably used raw, for its soft and sweet taste. It has an intense, balanced aroma, with a persistent, rich and opaque tendency, slightly acidic aftertaste. After tasting, a sweet and clean taste sensation remains. The Ancient Bittersweet Seasoning Land of the Thunder “8” is to be preferred on first courses, soufflés and risottos with delicate flavors. It can be used for lightly cooked gravies. It’s excellent in mayonnaise and sauces for boiled or fish, on vegetable omelettes. It is a perfect match on summer appetizers and grilled white meat. / IMAGE 3- Ancient Condiment From Reggio Emilia Tradition Black label “15” Descrizione From its exquisite taste to its penetrating aroma Terra del Tuono’s Ancient Condiment Black Label “15” Family’s Reserve is an exceptional product. Painstakingly aged in aromatic wood barrels, its brilliant dark colour and potent flavour intensify, resulting in an unforgettable taste sensation. A glorious tart flavour that exalts any dish. Our Ancient Condiment Black Label “15” Family’s Reserve is exquisite fresh out of the bottle in its virgin state drizzled over fresh vegetables, salads and Parmigian cheese slices. Adds flavour to first courses, rice and vegetable dishes. With its lingering mellow taste, it is particularly suited to roasted meats, game and mature cheeses. Delicious on shellfish and fresh fish as well as on cream based deserts, cakes and pies.