Mediterranean Specialties

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Falafel AL Rabih “Falafel”, one of the most popular Lebanese fast food, is a mix of mashed chickpeas combined with herbs and spices. Enjoy this simple delicious food as a warp with vegetables and tahini or as part of a main meal. Available options : 200G / Sahlab AL Rabih “Sahlab”, also called salep powder, is often made with hot milk, it gives the drink a creamy and fluffy texture and can be served with cinnamon powder, extra nuts and dry fruits on top. It can also be used in some recipes as pudding and ice cream. Available options : 200G / Mouhallabieh Al Rabih mouhallabieh is rice pudding made using rice flour and added milk, sugar and orange blossom water. It can be served with chopped pistachios. Available options : 400G / Dumpling mix Made from a sweet flour-based dough. Available options : 400G