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1- King Coconut Water From Kings to the common man, for centuries King Coconut Water has been the drink of choice in our island paradise. Its natural sweet flavor is the perfect thirst quencher for life in the tropics. Its hydrating properties are such that during World War II, King Coconut Water was used for direct blood infusion as a replacement for saline. The natural high levels of potassium act as the ideal sports drink in replenishing that lost through sweat during exercise, allowing your muscles and nerves to function at their peak. King coconut water from Sri Lanka is sweeter and tastier than most of the commercial coconut waters sold in consumer packs. The taste profile makes it ideal as a single strength juice, and also as a substitute for water in juice blends in order to make a 100% juice. Adamjees’ king coconut water can be shipped either as consumer packs or in bulk for reprocessing.