Coconut Products / Creamed Coconut

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IMAGE 1- Creamed Coconut Creamed coconut differs from coconut milk in that it contains less water and more coconut, so it has a thicker richer texture. It is a good source of concentrated coconut flavour, combining the creamy texture of coconut with more fiber and energy than coconut milk. Creamed coconut can be used as an ingredient for food and beverages that require coconut flavour such as yoghurts, sauces, soups, curries, ready meals and tropical/Caribbean applications. Commonly called coconut butter, it is a good lactose-free butter substitute with natural coconut sweetness and tastes good as it is spread on toast or used as a dip. / IMAGE 2- Coconut Milk & Cream Coconut milk combines the creamy flavor and aroma of fresh coconut with the goodness and health benefits of coconut oil. It is the best natural substitute for dairy when looking for a solution for lactose intolerance, and is a natural functional food base for making delicious smoothies, yoghurt and ice cream. Adamjees’ coconut milk is available in its purest form without additives and preservatives. However, a variety of additives can be used to tailor the consistency and texture to suit buyer requirements for the particular application in mind. Coconut milk is available in varying fat percentages, typically between 5% – 17%. Higher fat content (up to 24%) is commonly termed coconut cream.