Dried Fruits

  • Country Origin: France
IMAGE 1- Bring a touch of flavor to your aperitifs with this Albert Ménès creation, where the organic blanched almond is enhanced by the fruity note of thyme and a touch of spiciness. This tasty creation is free from artificial flavors, colorings and preservatives / IMAGE 2- These prunes are made from plums ripened in the southwest sun and carefully selected. They are dried immediately after harvest to preserve all their softness and their melting texture. Delicately infused with thyme, these prunes with an original fragrance are a unique Albert Ménès creation. They will be perfect for breakfast, as an aperitif or during a gourmet break at any time of the day. / IMAGE 3- The fruity flavors of pear, apple and apricot go perfectly with this unique and delicious Albert Ménès blend. It will perfectly accompany your breakfasts or sweet recipes, and will be the ideal ally for your gourmet breaks. / IMAGE 4- Spice up your salads with this Albert Ménès creation, where the fruity taste of cranberry blends with the crunch of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, pine nuts and pistachios. A treat without artificial flavors, dyes and preservatives. / IMAGE 5- Smyrna and Izmir are one and the same city, one in ancient Turkish, the other in modern Turkish. Founded in the 11th century by the Greeks, it did not cease, by its location at the gates of the Black Sea, to arouse lusts. She was in turn Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Greek before becoming Turkish. These grapes, harvested in Turkey, were chosen for their size and their high sugar content. / IMAGE 6- This assortment of dried fruits marries the crunchiness of the seeds with the fondant of the grapes. You will appreciate the Smyrna and Thompson grapes, which are particularly fragrant. The walnut kernels from the Périgord AOP, the Roman hazelnuts and the Valencia almonds have been selected for their high taste quality. / IMAGE 7- Always used for the production of fermented drinks and then wine, the grapes already accompanied the Egyptians in their dried form. These grapes of the Thompson variety, originating from America, are more fleshy and tastier than most of the other varieties. Albert Ménès has selected these Thompson grapes, which are exceptional both in size and flavor. / IMAGE 8- The Plum of Ente is at the origin of this prune benefiting from the Protected Geographical Indication of Agen. Ripened in the South West sun and selected for their very large size, the plums are pitted. / IMAGE 9- The Plum of Ente is at the origin of this prune benefiting from the Protected Geographical Indication of Agen. Ripened in the South West sun and selected for their giant size, the plums are dried in an oven, rehydrated and then pasteurized. / IMAGE 10- Traces of apricots were discovered in Armenian vestiges dating from the 6th century BC, but the first text mentioning it is Chinese and dates from 4000 years. The apricot tree was probably domesticated in Central Asia. It is believed to be partly responsible for the incredible longevity, the longest in the world, of the Hunzas population residing in northern Pakistan. Dry and fresh, apricots are an excellent source of potassium, iron and beta carotene, which are then transformed into vitamin A by our body. These soft apricots were chosen for their melting texture and slightly tart taste.