ADLER Black Forest ham – the classic

Meat & Poultry
  • Country Origin: Germany
1- ADLER Black Forest ham – the classic In the 1950s, ADLER made a regional specialty famous, which today has become renowned across the entire world: Black Forest ham. Anyone who has ever tasted it will henceforth be able to recognise the genuine Black Forest ham with closed eyes: the deliciously-aromatic flavour is absolutely unique. Just as typical is the special colour, created by the smoking. In addition to this there is another special characteristic for this delicacy: only one specialty coming from this region may bear the protected name of “Black Forest ham”. ADLER Black Forest is made of selected gammon. Finely seasoned according to traditional recipes and salted by hand, the ham remains in salt for a couple of weeks. Subsequent to this, it is smoked with a mixture of green pine twigs, sawdust and wood chips made of Black Forest fir trees. In the course of the smoking period, which lasts three weeks, the ham then obtains its typical smoky colour. Once this has been completed, it has to rest and mature: after 12 weeks the ham is ready for consumption. The Black Forest Ham bears the seal of geographical indication by the European Union. It is about its traditional manufacturing method in the Black Forest region. One can purchase ADLER Black Forest ham per piece, sliced, with or without rind and it has a long shelf life if stored correctly.