cane sugar

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  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1 - Organic Demerara cane sugar Alce Nero organic Demerara cane sugar comes from the best areas for its cultivation within the state of Karnataka in India. Featuring a golden colour and a clear, sparkling appearance, it stands out for its rich aroma which is provided by the molasses that “envelope” the crystals and is pleasantly crunchy with a delicate, caramel flavour. (500 g) / IMAGE 2 - Organic whole cane sugar Alce Nero organic whole cane sugar is the result of the hard work of our farming partners at the Norandino Cooperative in Peru and Cooproca Cooperative in Nicaragua. The cane is grown with respect for the environment and its biodiversity. It is then processed in an artisanal way, with the cane being harvested by hand only when ripe and then squeezed to get an amber juice with a distinctive caramel aroma that adds sweetness without being cloying. ( 500 g) / IMAGE 3 - Organic light brown cane sugar Alce Nero organic light brown cane sugar comes from the best areas for its cultivation in Cuba. The cane is grown in accordance with the organic farming regulations that govern the farmers associated with the Rodrigo, Pita, Gonzáles, and Bermejal Basic Units of Cooperative Production (UBPC – Unidad Basica de Producción Cooperativa). This is a type of agricultural cooperative which sees the land being granted in usufruct by the state. Featuring a golden colour, its delicate flavour never dominates the aromas to which it is paired. (500 g)