• Country Origin: Germany
1- Filigrano Air matured, wafer-thin slices of tender ADLER bacon – manufactured from selected lean flitch of bacon – mildly seasoned in accordance with traditional recipes and salted by hand. The special long resting and maturing times guarantee the unmistakeable flavour of this product. Extra thinly sliced, every slice of Filigrano unfolds its full aroma. Filigrano can be served in a great variety of manners: solo on a slice of bread for an in-between meal, as a party snack served with chips and crackers, lightly fried or crisply cooked in the microwave, as well as a delicious ingredient for a variety of dishes: this speciality always tastes excellent. ADLER Filigrano can be purchased in slices and retains its full aroma in the aroma pack. It is ideally suited as a small storage package. Filigrano – a hint of noble bacon. Ready to eat. Open and enjoy.