• Country Origin: Poland
IMAGE 1- Milky Milky is the best choice for your business. It is not only a superior alternative to traditional milk powder, but also thanks to its special formula, it saves you time and money. Introducing Milky in your factory means bringing a very good quality of raw materials at no additional cost. / IMAGE 2- Diamond Milk Diamond Milk is a superior quality and versatile economical alternative for full cream milk powder that can be used for unlimited amount of applications. Diamond Milk offers you great taste and money savings at the same time. On the top of being a premium quality full cream milk powder alternative, Diamond Milk does not require any adjustment of your production process at all. Simply using of Milky does not require any adjustments of your production process at all. Milky is a perfect milk based raw materials. / IMAGE 3- Agus You can use our wide range of products in an unlimited amount of applications: bakery, pastries, ice creams, beverages, food bases, dairy products, confectionery and many more. Apart from being a cost-cutting solution, using Agus products in your company does not require any changes to your production process. / IMAGE 4- olimp milk Olimp Milk is prepared in two versions – regular and instant. Always easy and efficient to use. Olimp Milk Instant dissolves in just a few seconds in cold or warm water. / IMAGE 5- Milk pride Choose Milk Pride for your company. It is a tasty and economical solution for your business! Milk Pride is a full cream milk powder alternative consisting of vegetable, instead of milk fat. It is delicious and a fantastic ingredient for a vast amount of applications at a smaller cost. / IMAGE 6- Royal milk Royal Milk is the best choice for your company. It is a superior quality, versatile and economical alternative to full cream milk powder made with vegetable, instead of dairy, fat. Royal Milk tastes great, makes a perfect raw material for unlimited amount of applications and saves you money at the same time! / IMAGE 7- Milmo Milmo is a guarantee of superior quality, delicious flavour and it is always at hand. Created specifically for chefs, it offers support in your everyday professional challenges being a perfect base for multiple applications like yoghurts, labneh, ashta, cheese, desserts, cooking, baking, drinking, teas, coffees and more.