Organic fresh fruits and vegtables

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1 - Spicchia - Organic oranges Large oranges, perfect for eating fresh. Alce Nero Spicchia orange features a firm, juicy pulp and a sweet flavour with little acidity. The select varieties include Navelina and Washington, depending on the production period. Available from November to May, they’re sourced from South Italy and Spain. ( 600 g) IMAGE 2 - Cremoso - Organic Hass avocados Alce Nero Cremoso avocados are Hass avocados, representing the best in terms of their intense flavour, rich, creamy flesh and smaller than average pit. The skin features a dark green colour and a bumpy surface, which becomes brown when ripe. Cremoso avocados usually come from Spain, except during the summer when they’re sourced from Mexico and Peru. They can be used in a myriad of different ways in the kitchen and are perfect for making delicious recipes. Inside the box you’ll find a leaflet containing recipes and information. ( 300 g) IMAGE 3 - Giusta - Organic Fairtrade bananas Fairtrade Banana. Available all year, sourced from the Dominican Republic and Peru. ( 500 g) IMAGE 4 - Brillante - Rojo Brillante persimmons They feature a firm pulp which is similar to an apple, yet the flavour is akin to the classic persimmon. Alce Nero Brillante persimmons have a round, slightly elongated shape and an intense orange colour. We sell it when it’s perfectly ripe and ready to eat. Available from October and sourced from the best areas for its cultivation within Italy. ( 500 g) IMAGE 5 - Crocchia - Organic seedless grapes Alce Nero Crocchia seedless grapes come from the Crimson variety and feature a large, elongated round shape with firm, crunchy flesh and a sweet, aromatic flavour. They’re great for eating after a meal or for adding garnish to fruit tarts. Named “Crocchia” due to their enticing croccantezza (crunchiness), they’re available between September and November and come from the best cultivation areas in Italy. (450 g) IMAGE 6 - Delicato - Organic sweet pepper The Delicato is a firm-fleshed pepper which is sweet and crunchy, with few seeds. It features a thin skin for easier digestion. 100% Italian, it’s perfect raw in salads, as well as excellent in more complicated recipes. ( 400 g) IMAGE 7 - Generoso - Organic Cuor di Bue tomatoes Tomatoes featuring an interesting heart shape with large, round ribs. Typical during the summer. Alce Nero Generoso tomatoes have a smooth, thin skin characterised by a green-orange colour and a fleshy pulp which isn’t watery and has very few seeds. They’re tasty and aromatic, making them perfect for salads and raw recipes. Available from April to September, they’re grown in Italy. ( 600 g) IMAGE 8 - Piccolino - Organic Date tomatoes Small tomatoes with a sweet, aromatic flavour, making them ideal as a healthy and tasty snack break. Alce Nero Piccolino tomatoes are small, weighing a maximum of 15 grams each, and feature an intense red colour and a thin skin with the calyx on the top. Available all year round, they’re sourced from the best areas for their cultivation within Italy. ( 250 g)