• Country Origin: Poland
IMAGE 1- Bazaar Bazaar is not just simple and natural, but also a truly rich formula. We use simple, premium and low processed ingredients. We firmly say NO to palm oil, NO to glucose-fructose syrup, and NO to aromas and NO to preservatives. / IMAGE 2- Crystal The philosophy is simple: nutritious and premium ingredients, from naturally high fibre, being source of vitamins and minerals whole grain oats, to juicy blueberry, smooth chocolate or aromatic vanilla, turned into cracking jewels. / IMAGE 3- Rolled instant oats It is a 100% natural product, made from the highest quality grain with a high content of fibre, without preservatives, excellent for quick preparation. / IMAGE 4- Glamour It focuses on true benefits with individual product names directed at specific consumer groups. It includes health-oriented varieties with tailored ingredients that allow GLAMOUR to enhance your beauty, FIT to improve your flat stomach, ENERGY to release energy, FOCUS to help your memory and concentration