Fresh organic eggs

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1 - Fresh organic eggs Alce Nero eggs come from chicken farms found on the Verona hills. The chickens are free range and graze outdoors, which allows them to live out their normal life cycle. During the day they’re free to roam unrestricted on shaded fields that stretch for more than 25 hectares. Their feed is certified organic and is made in-house with raw ingredients from the company’s production chain. The eggs are laid in chicken coops or wooden nests, collected daily and then sent to the factory where they’re packaged. Every egg is stamped with an ID code and the production method, guaranteeing that they’re fully traceable. They come in a 4-egg carton made from recycled paper pulp and a 2-egg box made from recyclable cardboard, both of which feature the narrative label. ( 230 g)