• Country Origin: United Arab Emirates
IMAGE 1- PISTACHIO Having over five decades of experiences in export has gained us the knowledge to thrive and succeed. We have exported a wide range of high quality, Aflatoxin free in-shelled Pistachios, Pistachio Paste and Kernels. Our pre-shipment processes ensure that every pistachio you receive is as flawless as the last. We are proud to have FSSC 22000 certificate which has resulted in a high customer satisfaction rate / IMAGE 2- FANDOGHI One of the most famous kind of Pistachios in the world which it's appearance resembles a hazelnut (Fandoghi). This is Round in shape with highest yield. It is also available in 28/30, 30/32 and 32/34. / IMAGE 3- KALLE GHOUCHI This kind of pistachios is called as kalleh ghochi, that is the Jumbo type and it’s belong to Round Pistachios Family. It’s also available in 20-22, 22-24, 24-26 sizes. / IMAGE 4- AKBARI One of the most Traditional Pistachios with unique taste and texture is called as AKBARI that is one of the LONG types / IMAGE 5- AHMAD AGHAEI this shape of pistachios is called as AHMAD AGHAEI that is one of the LONG types. The most common characteristic to identify this type is the shape which is long but the size of its length is different. In addition to coarseness and size, this type of pistachios is different from others regarding to having bony white shell and different taste. / IMAGE 6- BADAMI This shape of Pistachios is called as BADAMI that is one of the LONG types. The most common characteristic to identify this type is its shape which is reedy and shorter than ahmad aghaei. It’s also available in 28-30 30-32 sizes. / IMAGE 7- WHOLE PISTACHIO KERNEL Whole pistachios kernel is One the flavorful pistachios with reddish appearance which its fresh flavor made it as a delicious Natural and useful snack for everyone. / IMAGE 8- GREEN PISTACHIO KERNEL Supper Green Kernel have a special green color and another grades are: Grade ‘A’, Grade ’B’ ,Grade ’C’, Grade ‘D’ , Split green , Split light green.