• Country Origin: United Arab Emirates
IMAGE 1- DATES Iranian Dates in different types and size is a good source for Iron and Potassium full of Minerals and antioxidants. AHT’s Dates is available in Bulk and Consumer packs for direct consumption. / IMAGE 2- SAIR(SAYAR) DATES Since dates contain relatively little water, and its sugar is not harmful for human consumption. Dates are an important traditional crop and important nutrition of many countries. In Islamic countries. / IMAGE 3- MAZAFATI DATES IMAGE 4- PIAROM DATES IMAGE 5- ZAHEDI DATES IMAGE 6- RABBI DATES Rabbi Date has attractive black color which is reddish black and soft texture . Rabbi Date grows in Iranshahr, Zabol, Chahbahar and Saravan cities of the Sistan and Baluchestan province. These cities are most important areas in the production of Rabbi Date in the Iran / IMAGE 7- KABKAB DATES Iranian Kabkab Date is a wet Date which has semi-dried texture,and also it is long ,row, dark brown. its is very delicious, sweet and full of syrup / IMAGE 8- CHOPPED / SLICED DATES Chopped Date in one the yummy AHT’s products. After processing, dates are coated with rice flour. This mixture of date and rice flour creates a nice and delicious taste. / IMAGE 9- CHOPPED DATE PASTE Chopped Date Paste or CDP in one the most appealing AHT’s products. After processing, dated will be coated with Rice flour and this mixture of date and rice flour create an appetizing and a very palatable taste. / IMAGE 10- DATE PASTE Are you willing to substitute breakfast chocolate with something naturally sweet, full of energy and fiber, and it is a great healthy calorie dense Energy Bar. / IMAGE 11- DATE SYRUP Date honey or Date syrup is a thick dark brown, very sweet fruit syrup extracted from dates. Besides the depth of flavor and character in Date Syrup, you will find the added benefit of potassium, magnesium, antioxidants, and trace minerals. Perhaps one of the least complicated sweeteners on earth. / IMAGE 12- DATE LIQUID SUGAR Date sugar is a natural nutrient extracted from additive free date concentrate extraction. Its appearance is completely transparent and the color is bright to deep yellow. The product processing includes extraction, clarification, concentration, additional clarification and filtration which are not done for date syrup.