• Country Origin: Ecuador
Our YUNIQ snacks are produced free of preservatives nor additives and carefully packed. Our process is based on natural conservation for an exceptional final product of fruits and vegetables with high nutritional quality. IMAGE 1- ORGANIC PLANTAIN CHIPS Plantain is a “banana relative”, which has to be cooked to be consumed. It is a basic staple on everyday life of Ecuadorian tropics, where it is grown. Our organic plantain comes from “chakras” which are led mainly by women. We are proud to share with the rest of the world this healthy, authentic and delicious snack. It is gluten free, additive free, sugar free, grain free and an excellent source of fiber. / IMAGE 2- ORGANIC CASSAVA CHIPS Cassava is known as “yuca” in Ecuador. It is a root original from South America. Our organic cassava grows in direct contact with clean soil, where it is loaded with nutrients and Mothers Earth energy, passing it to your body as you consume it. It does not contain gluten and, prepared in chips, it is really healthy and delicious for anytime you are ready for snacking. / IMAGE 3- ORGANIC DRIED BANANA Bananas are the most consumed fruit in the World. Do you know why? Because they are an excellent source of potassium, fiber and energy. Overall, their soft flavor matches with multiple foods and moments. It is difficult to transport because its softness, but our organic dried bananas keep all the good stuff and are ready to take everywhere easily to accompany your daily life. Try them! / IMAGE 4- ORGANIC BANABITES CACAO The wonderful smell of the jungle in one bite. Our organic cacao nibs have the crunchy and bitter flavor that combines perfectly with the softness and sweetness of organic dried bananas. In one bite, you will get enough energy, potassium, and antioxidants, to continue your active journey! / IMAGE 5- ORGANIC DRIED MANGO When we think of a sweet and delicious treat, many options come to our minds. However, when you think of a sweet, delicious and HEALTHY one, there are few options. Do not think any further, our organic dried mango is packed with flavor and nutrients, an excellent option for your snack time. / IMAGE 6- ORGANIC GOLDENBERRIES These small, orange, round shaped berries are grown on The Andes Mountains. Small farmers get these organic goldenberries from the high lands of Ecuadorian pristine landscapes. The equatorial sunlight plus the altitude, makes them very sweet and sour at the same time. Our farmers love gives them the good vibes that you feel when you try them. / IMAGE 7- DRIED DRAGON FRUIT Yellow dragon fruit is an exquisite fruit itself and its grown mainly in dry and warm areas of Ecuadorian lowlands. It is the edible flower of this tropical cactus, which amazes all tastes. Bite the seeds that are full of good fats; just be careful that eating too much will activate your digestion! We feel delighted to share this bag of flavor with you. / IMAGE 8- DRIED NARANJILLO This exotic fruit captures jungle vibes in one bite. Naranillo or Quito Orange is original from Ecuadorian subtropical areas that extend from The Andes to the Amazon basin. Very sour and loaded with vitamin C, able to strengthen your immune system. Just dip it in chocolate or eat it alone and you will feel astounded. / IMAGE 9- DRIED PINEAPPLE Pineapple does not need a presentation. It is just that wonderful smell of the tropics in one healthful bite. Excellent option for your sweet cravings because equatorial rays make it so sweet that nothing else has to be added. We only dry it on small batches and carefully select it for your guiltless free delight. / IMAGE 10- SWEETENED ORANGE PEELS Some things are worth breaking the sugarless diet, aren’t they? This is a family recipe that allows upcycling orange peels while making a very tasty treat. Orange peels are carefully selected, therefor sweetened with cane sugar. Our main ingredient is the love that we use to prepare them for your delight. Enjoy them dipped with chocolate, as topping for dishes or by itself… you won´t be able to stop.