LAMB CUTS / Square Cut Shoulder

  • Country Origin: New Zealand
IMAGE 1- The square cut shoulder is derived from a neck string-off carcass. Taken from a bone-in forequarter by removing the shank and breast on a straight line parallel to the line of the back. The protrusing neck is removed in line with the line of the back. Additional specifications: Number of ribs to be left on the shoulder. / IMAGE 2- Shoulder Frenched Rack The 5 rib roast is prepared from a square cut shoulder ny the removal of the blade, leaving the underlying muscle attached. The ribs are usually 75mm long, frenched back to 50mm from the eye of the meat at the rack end. Additional specifications: Flap removal line and distance from eye muscle. / IMAGE 3- Square cut shoulder chops Obtained from a square cut shoulder. After cutting 3 or 4 arm bone chops parallel to the line of the back, the shoulder chops are cut from the remaining shoulder at right angles to the line of the back. Additional specifications: Thickness of chops. / IMAGE 4- Neck slices The neck slices originate from a bone-in full neck which provides up to four cervical vertebrae and associated muscle tissue cut into slices approximately 16mm thick. Additional specifications: Thickness of slices if varying from the above.