LAMB CUTS / Breast & Flap

  • Country Origin: New Zealand
IMAGE 1- Breast Consists of the point end brisket removed from a bone-in 5 rib forequarter / IMAGE 2- Flap (bone-in) Derived as an offcut from a pistol, saddle or long loin. The bone-in flap consists of the abdominal wall tissues and rib ends. It is removed by a cut commencing below the precrural gland and continuing on a line parallel to the line of the back, to a specified distance from the eye at the 6th rib, determined by the specification of the primal cut. / IMAGE 3- Boneless flap Derived from a bone-in flap with all bones and cartilage removed. / IMAGE 4- Boneless flap Rolled and string tied. / IMAGE 5- Lamb party ribs The rib portion of a side, from 2nd to 12th ribs, remaining after the removal of a leg chump-on and a long loin and forequarter. Also known as a full rib set. / IMAGE 6- Lamb - Diced/cubed Diced/cubed meat is normally from the rump or boneless chump. cut into uniform size. Additional specifications: Size of pieces Packaging details / IMAGE 7- Lamb - Minced Prepared from any boneless cut and processed to a uniform size. Additional specifications: Packaging details. CL content.