LAMB CUTS / Co-Products / MEAT

  • Country Origin: New Zealand
IMAGE 1- Tongue - Swiss cut The portion of the tongue remaining after the removal of the hyoid bones, a severe fat trim and removal of excess muscle from underneath the tongue. / IMAGE 2- Sweetbread The thymus gland extracted from the neck and heart regions with all fat removed. / IMAGE 3- Heart The whole heart with the arteries and veins cut at their entry into the heart. / IMAGE 4- Liver The complete liver with portal lymph glands retained, gall bladder and all fat removed. / IMAGE 5- Kidney The whole enucleated (skinned) kidney with blood vessels, etc. removed. / IMAGE 6- Thick skirt The thickest portion of the diaphragm, adjacent to the spinal column. All fat and connective tissue are generally removed. / IMAGE 7- Thin skirt The thin portion of the diaphragm with all white tendinous tissue not covering lean red muscle removed. The pleural membrane covering or skin is removed. / IMAGE 8- Spleen All splenic blood vessels are removed. / IMAGE 9- Brain The complete brain, with or without membrane. Bloodstains are removed.