• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- The white condiment comes from the same tradition of Balsamic Vinegar with which it shares the same ingredients, wine vinegar and grape must but prefers as its name indicates, white grapes. It has a slightly lower acidity than balsamic vinegar and results in a sweet-and-sour and delicate condiment on the palate. It is considered an excellent condiment for salads, meat and fish. Depending on the needs and the combinations sought, they can be made with high or low density. / IMAGE 2- Fruity Condiments are made from a combination of balsamic vinegar or a white condiment and fruit juice and natural flavourings. The Condiments made from a thousand different fruit combinations bring some added zest to the table and the tasty sweet and sour edge provides an irresistible contrast to the sweetness of the fruit. They can be low or high density and have different flavours, making them ideal as a salad dressing or a dessert topping. / IMAGE 3- “Vincotto” is a traditional sweet condiment from Italy. It is made from grape must, cooked slowly until it becomes sweet and full-bodied, ready to enhance the dishes it is used with. It is a condiment used on fruit salad and ice cream or to add a special touch to yoghurt or sorbet. Vincotto can be used neat or with added fruit juice and natural flavourings.