BEEF CUTS / Brisket

  • Country Origin: New Zealand
IMAGE 1- Brisket Point end This is the equivalent of the first five ribs of full bone-in brisket. It is separated from the forequarter by a straight cut from the junction of the 1st rib and 1st sternal segment to the reflection of the diaphragm on the 11th rib. The deckle is left on. / IMAGE 2- Brisket Point end - deckle off Prepared from a 2510 Brisket Point end by removing the deckle (fat layer) along the natural seam between inner and outer layers. / IMAGE 3- Brisket Point end Pectoral (Razor Trim) Produced from a 2520 Brisket Point end - deckle off and trimmed of all removal fat below the deckle and external surface. / IMAGE 4- Brisket Navel end This is boneless equivalent of the full bone-in brisket after the removal of the point-end, at the 5th rib. Intercostals are left on. Additional specifications: Intercostals off.