Special condiments

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Glazes for cheese combine a balsamic vinegar of Modena glaze with a mix of spices and natural flavourings. We identified four of the most famous cheese categories from around the world: hard cheese, like Parmigiano; soft cheese like ricotta and mascarpone; blue cheese, like gorgonzola; and mozzarella. We have studied 3 flavourings for each one of these categories that will bring out the full flavour of the cheese or provide a delicate contrast at the back of the palate. / IMAGE 2- Condiments for Salads A category of condiments designed specifically to make any salad extra special. Our delicate condiments created for four popular, international salads are low in acidity so they dress and enhance the flavour of the salad. The ideal mix of spices and natural flavourings, and our balsamic vinegar of course, results in condiments that compliment a green salad, a caprese, niçoise or exotic salad. / IMAGE 3- Vincotto for desserts Traditional Vincotto has been cleverly reworked so it becomes the perfect match for the most popular desserts in the world. Vincotto is a sweet condiment made of grape must cooked slowly over low heat and combined with fruit juice and natural flavourings, to top ice cream, fruit salad, plain yoghurt and lemon sorbet.