BEEF CUTS / Shanks

  • Country Origin: New Zealand
IMAGE 1- Hind 2100 Fore Shin - Shank This consists of the boneless portions of the 1100 hindquarter and 2100 forequarter shin muscles packed together. Hindquarter extensor group Heel muscle Forequarter extensor group Conical muscle Forequarter flexor group Hindquarter flexor group / IMAGE 2- Hindshank (bone-in) The hindshank is cut from below the knee joint through the femur bone of a hindquarter, leaving the patella intact. This cut included the tibia bone and patella. The outer skin and other surface fat are removed. / IMAGE 3- Heel meat Heel Muscle removed from the silverside. / IMAGE 4- Achilles plus hind tendon The superficial and deep flexor tendons and surrounding fibrous tissue of the fore and hind feet. Additional specifications: Other tendons: Achilles, M infraspinatus, M biceps brachii / IMAGE 5- Foreshank (bone-in) The bone-in foreshank is derived from a forequarter by a cut through the joint of the arm bone and humerus. / IMAGE 6- Fore shin conical The tapered muscle from the underside of the foreshank. / IMAGE 7- Paddywack The yellow elastin connective tissue separated from the eye muscle along the length of the spinal column to the 10th rib.