Single Spices & Herbs
  • Country Origin: Afghanistan
IMAGE 1- Afghan Royal ™ : it is the top quality offered / IMAGE 2- Kabul Saffron ™ : it is the high quality saffron offered at our company / IMAGE 3- Soltan-olAfghan ™ : it’s the base quality saffron offerd at ARS, / IMAGE 4- Zaffrone zard (the yellow): it’s the yellow, which is separated from red stigmas and is different from the other 2 categories. / IMAGE 5- Saffron powder : is 100 pure powder form of saffron, made from whole saffron without any other added material. Our product featuers pure, natural and organic Superior Quality among Spanish, Indian & Iranian Saffron. Fresh Processed cleanly Best packing complies with ISO Standards Competitive price Early delivery Best and nice services ever