Mud Cakes

  • Country Origin: Sweden
IMAGE 1- Choco Delish An irresistiably good chocolate cake with chocolate mousse topped with hazelnuts, coconut flakes and even more chocolate. Ingredients Chocolate mousse (22%) (water, sugar, cocoa mass, vegetable fat (fully hydrogenated coconut), vegetable oil (fully hydrogenated rapeseed), dextrose, cocoa butter, stabilisers (cellulose, corn starch, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, sodium carboxy methyl cellulose, sodium phosphates), emulsifiers (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, polysorbate 60, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, SOYA lecithin), dried glucose syrup, salt, acidity regulators (sodium citrates), natural vanilla), sugar, water, gluten-free WHEAT starch, vegetable oil (rapeseed), brown sugar, fat-reduced cocoa powder, glucose syrup, coconut flakes (1,5%), HAZELNUTS (1%), cocoa mass, salt, vegetable fat (coconut), cocoa butter, flavouring, emulsifiers (sunflower lecithin, SOYA lecithin). MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF ALMONDS AND PEANUTS. / IMAGE 2- Philadelphia Cheesecake Raspberry A premium and scrumptious cheesecake made right, with real Philadelphia cream cheese as the main ingredient. It has a crunchy cookie crust and it’s topped with a zingy “sweet-n-sour” raspberry glaze. Simply delightful! Ingredients Philadelphia Soft Cheese (29%) (full fat soft cheese, salt), raspberry glaze (25%) (water, raspberries, sugar, glucose syrup, lemon juice, gelling agent (pectin), corn flour, acidity regulator (citric acid), invert sugar syrup), whipping cream (milk), fortified wheat flour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, nicotinamide, thiamine), vegetable oil (palm, rapeseed), skimmed milk, sugar, wholemeal flour (wheat), single cream (milk), partially inverted sugar syrup, water, pea starch, raising agents (ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate), salt, flavouring, emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), starter culture. Note! The cake contains gluten unlike all other Almondy products, which are completely gluten-free. The cake is therefore baked at a different bakery. May contain traces of egg, soya, peanuts and other nuts. / IMAGE 3- Mud Cake A smooth and rich chocolate Mud Cake, finger-licking sticky as it is meant to be. And of course it is free from gluten. It taste extraordinary in good company, but the question is whether you want to share it or not once you have tasted it? Ingredients Sugar, egg, gluten-free wheat starch, vegetable oil (rapeseed), glucose syrup, cocoa mass, fat-reduced cocoa powder, cocoa butter, salt, flavouring, emulsifier (soya lecithin), potato starch. May contain traces of almonds, peanuts, and hazelnuts. / IMAGE 4- Mud cake with Marabou milk chocolate A home-baked classic meets a celebrity favorite, Marabou. Filled with melted milk chocolate and coated with a velvety layer on top. Since we have baked it at Almondy, it is gluten-free. What are you waiting for? Ingredients Sugar, egg, Marabou milk chocolate (16%) (sugar, cocoa butter, whey powder (from milk), cocoa mass, skimmed milk powder, milk fat, emulsifier (soya lecithin), flavouring), gluten-free wheat starch, vegetable oil (rapeseed), glucose syrup, fat-reduced cocoa powder, salt, flavouring. May contain traces of almonds, peanuts, and hazelnuts. IMAGE 5- Rocky Road Mud cake with Cadbury chocolate A smooth and rich chocolate Mud Cake, coated with Cadbury chocolate and topped with fluffy marshmallows. Ingredients Sugar, egg, gluten-free wheat starch, vegetable oil (rapeseed), Cadbury milk chocolate (10%) (milk, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, vegetable fat (palm, shea) emulsifier (ammonium phosphatides), flavouring), glucose syrup, glucose-fructose syrup, fat-reduced cocoa powder, salt, gelatine, maize statch, dextrose, flavouring, colour (beetroot red). May contain traces of almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts.