Exotic Vegetables / POTATOES

  • Country Origin: France
IMAGE 1- Sweet Potato Native to South America, the sweet potato is an excellent alternative to the traditional potato. This starchy tuber has a sweeter taste than the potato. The sweet potatoes have beautiful colours (lovely orangey or purple version), great texture and flavours that will delight children and adults alike. It goes very well with roast meat, fish and spicy dishes. A tasty, healthy product and a remarkable source of vitamin A, as well as being easy to use. / IMAGE 2- Blanched Sweet potato purple - dices / IMAGE 3- Cassava / Cassava Fries Hardy perennial root vegetable from Latin America called CASSAVA. A traditional product of South America, the Caribbean and Africa. With its white flesh, you may well soon prefer it to potatoes! High in fibre, very commonly used in South American, Creole and African cuisine, its characteristic taste evokes sweet chestnut. To accompany meat, fish or in dips. This product is guaranteed gluten free. / IMAGE 4- Blanched Cassava - diced format