• Country Origin: Belgium
IMAGE 1- Premium Butter Lucien MASSAUX: traditional butter with sea salt crystals and hand-wrapped. Agral Butter perpetuates the entirely handmade packaging of traditional butters. Here in a premium package with a recipe with sea salt crystals. This premium butter illustrates the respect for superior quality butter and brings added value to the market. This concept has been successful in various European markets including Germany. / IMAGE 2- 60% Clean Label Butter 60% Clean Label Butter Butter with 60% fat and Clean Label. 60% mg butter wafer in the classic 250g format, this Clean Label butter offers the promise of whole butter with a reduced fat content, a taste very close to traditional butter and without coloring or preservatives. Presented here under the Auchan brand (France). / IMAGE 3- Light ravier butter 15% Light ravier butter 15% Butter category: 15% fat in a 250g pan. Combining maximum fat reduction while respecting the taste and texture of real butter, this is a challenge that is not easy to meet. This product was selected "Sial innovation 2014". Recognition of know-how serving the expectations of consumers looking for light and flavored butter. Auchan, tarti'Ligne 15% (France). / IMAGE 4- Light ravier butter Light ravier butter Butter reduced in casserole. Combine taste and flavor with a request for low-fat butter in a practical and modern butter dish. Pingo Doce, distributor (Portugal) / IMAGE 5- rganic butter Organic butter Organic butter 250g Original or organic certified, the possibilities offered by Agral Butter are numerous and adapted to the needs of its customers while respecting the specifications / IMAGE 6-Healthy Butter Healthy Butter Healthy Butter, Zero lactose 200g Formulate a healthy lactose-free butter to meet growing consumer demand. Standard packaging adaptable from the 125g butter pack to the 250g butter pack according to the demands of each market. Dilea Zero Lactose / IMAGE 7- Hand-packed butter 500g Hand-packed butter 500g Hand-wrapped butter 500g Beure hand-wrapped in parchment paper like farmers did on the farm in the last century. This tradition of butter is perpetuated by Agral Butter and has been very successful on the Belgian market. Marc Guiselin 500g salted or unsalted Aldi (Belgium) / IMAGE 8- Heritage branded butter 1466 Heritage branded butter 1466 Heritage 1466: brand of butter available in many formats and recipes for export. The Heritage 1466 brand is available to our customers who do not wish to develop specific packaging for butter. Available in a wide range in blister, ravier, whole or light butter, Héritage 1466 certainly offers the multilingual packaging you need for your market. / IMAGE 9- Flavored butter roll he packaging of butter on a roll is linked to flavored butters. Agral has this know-how with a wide range of flavored butter recipes available: garlic butter, garlic butter & herbs, Provencal butter,…. Flavored butter in a 125g garlic roll, Carrefour brand (Belgium). / IMAGE 10- Butter in glass jar Butter in glass jar Exquisit, range of butters flavored in a 100g glass jar. Responding to specific requests for butters from customers and offering original flavored buttered recipes in new packaging is part of Agral Butter know-how! / IMAGE 11- Butter in glass jar Exquisit, range of butters flavored in a 100g glass jar. Responding to specific requests for butters from customers and offering original flavored buttered recipes in new packaging is part of Agral Butter know-how! / IMAGE 12- Butter mini portion Agral has flexible and fast butter packaging machines to make mini-portions of 7 to 12g (micro-butter dishes) available in several recipes: whole butter, light butter, spreadable butter Emborg, speadable butter 7g (Export) / IMAGE 13- Butter size finger 100g For salted or unsalted butter, the finger 100g format is ideal for obtaining a more affordable price for selling butter to the consumer. Also exists with recipes for low-fat butter, flavored butters, etc. / IMAGE 14- Traditional butter Traditional butter Classic 82% mg Salty / Unsalted The butter contains a fat content of 80 to 82% depending on whether the butter is salted or not. This butter is called whole butter or traditional butter. The selection of raw materials and the care taken in making them positively influence the quality of the butter. The challenge of Agral Butter is to produce quality butter that is the most homogeneous throughout the year and the seasons. / IMAGE 15- ORGANIC butter ORGANIC butter Classic 82% mg Salty / Unsalted From organic farming Agral SA has Organic BE-BIO-01 approval. Agral Butter offers butter from organic farming in salted or unsalted butter. These organic butters can be packaged in a wide variety of packaging as required / IMAGE 16- Light and healthy butter Light and healthy butter Light: 60% mg, 41% mg Extra light: 20% mg, 15% mg Health: Omega 3 Agral Butter produces butters with a reduced fat content. At 60% fat, our butters are very close in taste, texture and functionality of whole butter with 82% fat (MG). Agral Butter has developed a clean label 60% fat butter. Light butter or semi-skimmed butter. These 41% butter butters constitute the first segment of low-fat butters. They offer a taste, practicality and texture very close to whole butter with 2x less fat. Agral Butter also offers a version rich in Omega 3. Extra light butter. Market demand is to reach the lowest possible fat content. Recipes with 25%, 20% and 15% fat are available in the Agral Butter offer. A product with 15% fat was selected in the Innovation Sial 2014 selection. / IMAGE 17- Spreadable butter Spreadable butter Functional From 82% mg to 15% mg Salty / Unsalted The wish of part of the consumers and to be able to spread a butter out of the refrigerator. Agral Butter offers the practicality of a spreadable or frigotartinable butter or also called soft butter. This feat is achieved through the selection of butter fats and different butter-making processes of which Agral Butter has the secret. / IMAGE 18- Flavored butter Flavored butter + Herbs and / or spices Garlic & herbs, red spices, Sweet bbq mix : choco, apricot, ... Take butter, mix it with garlic and herbs and you have butler butter. This know-how of flavored butters, Agral Butter has extended it to offer many recipes. To the savory versions, sweet flavors and more original spice mixes like Dill / Lemon or Curry were added. These flavored butters offer consumers new opportunities to enhance their culinary preparations. Raising the cooking of a meat, decorating a grill, enhancing the flavors of a vegetable, daring sweet and savory associations are all possibilities offered by this category of products.