• Country Origin: Greece
IMAGE 1- PARBOILED LONG GRAIN Bella is a Greek, parboiled, long grain rice of high quality that remains always granular. It is cultivated in the deltas of two Greek rivers, Axios and Aliakmonas. It is parboiled and takes its yellowish color during its treatment, which is a heat-moisture one. During the heat-moister treatment all grains are put into hot water and steam. In this way all nutritional ingredients are easily diffused into the interior of the grain, while at the same time the rice becomes more tasty and granular. / IMAGE 2- Lais is a Greek, white, middle-grain rice of high quality, cultivated by a group of farmers at Serres. / IMAGE 3- Fino is a Greek long grain rice popular especially in southern and western Greece. It is grown mainly in Central Macedonia! / IMAGE 4- Soupe is a Greek, white, middle-grain rice, which is of prior quality and mainly grown in the areas of Achelous and Central Greece. / IMAGE 5- Fancy is a middle-grain rice of unique quality that is cultivated in a wide range in our country. Sperchios and Achelous rivers are the basic regions where Fancy rice is produced. / IMAGE 6- Greek, whole grain rice is an ideal combination of nutrients and flavors. During its treatment the amount of fiber found in the inner side of the grain is maintained. Brown rice is an essential ingredient in most diets and for a balanced nutrition as well.