IGP-Certified 4 leaf Balsamic Vinegar from Modena/VINEGAR

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Grapes gathered at the height of their ripeness, when they are at their sweetest, the cooking of selected musts, the mixing of wine vinegar and vinegar aged for at least ten years, and, finally, refinement in containers made from fine woods. All the tradition of Modena – in your home. / IMAGE 2- The bright colours of the vineyards of the province of Modena, the warm tones of fine woods, the warmth of the most authentic and familiar kitchen, the perfume of typical recipes that carry you back in time. The original taste of a delicacy that is renowned all over the world. / IMAGE 3- Mixed with dedication by our expert cellarmen, this essence exalts the characteristic aromas of typical grapes and ancient wood: plumpness, balance, sweet acidity. Undertones, contrasts and evocations of an ancient tradition result in a product that is modern and suited to all occasions. / IMAGE 4- From our biologically-cultivated grapes, a very special Balsamic is born: genuine, designed for those – like us – who love the environment and the most authentic tastes. An ancient art that exists upon the perfect equilibrium between land and climate, and every day revives the ingredients that are selected and checked, to bring only the best to your table. / IMAGE 5- The perfect gift for every occasion, from Christmas to a much-anticipated dinner party, for you or for your friends. This gift pack pairs our IGP quality 3 leaf Balsamic Vinegar from Modena with Extra Virgin Olive Oil: two completely Italian products of excellence, to perfectly convey our love for quality. / IMAGE 6- A unique versatility, which envelopes every dish with delicate lightness. A faithful companion for your favourite flavours every day, as well as a valiant ally in the boldest experiments. A true embrace of flavours that you won’t be able to resist! / IMAGE 7- A must-have condiment for your table, a harmonious aroma accompanied by a crisp bittersweet note for a daily pleasure. Try it on all your dishes and let yourself be surprised!