Dried vegetables / BEANS

  • Country Origin: France
IMAGE 1- Light Red Kidney Beans Afis Foods is pleased to present to you light red kidney beans of the highest quality! Produced in the USA, they belong to the red bean family, and are highly renowned for their excellent taste and nutritional benefits. Light red kidney beans are perfect with soup, roast meat or in a casserole.. They are rich in iron and phosphorus and a wonderful source of vegetal protein. / IMAGE 2- Blond Lentils Afis Foods is pleased to offer you blond lentils (Richlea variety). Among the most common pulses, blond lentils are grown in the United States of America and are an excellent source of nutrients as well as being very filling. With a high mineral and fibre content and an excellent source of protein, / IMAGE 3- Pigeon Peas High in fibre and minerals, butter-peas are great as part of a main meal, in a sauce (meat or as a dip) or to top all kinds of recipes (aperitif snacks, mini tarts for example). Rich in magnesium and a source of cholesterol-lowering fibre, / IMAGE 4- Pink Beans Pink Beans are quite small and an excellent source of fibre and nutrients. They are great as a main course together with rice or served as a side dish. Rich in minerals and protein. Naturally low in salt. / IMAGE 5- Navy Beans / IMAGE 6- Black Beans / IMAGE 7- Green Split Peas / IMAGE 8- Yellow Split Peas / IMAGE 9- Pinto Beans / IMAGE 10- Blackeyed Peas / IMAGE 11- Yellow Popcorn